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More Phaco Nightmares

Conquering Cataract Catastrophes

Συγγραφείς: Amar Agarwal
ISBN: 9781630914394

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Conquering Cataract Catastrophes

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Even the most experienced cataract surgeon can encounter stressful situations in the operating room. With the new edition of More Phaco Nightmares: Conquering Cataract Catastrophes, surgeons can be prepared to manage unavoidable complications with ease.

Dr. Amar Agarwal, along with over 25 of todays cataract surgery leaders, explain all there is to know about phacoemulsification and bring their extensive experience with their own surgical nightmares. The book contains five sections that gradually escalate from the Basics to Nightmares, furnishing phaco surgeons with complicated scenarios and the essential guidance to assess, manage, and resolve.

Featuring updated content and brand new state-of-the-art chapters on a variety of complex situations, More Phaco Nightmares is the toolkit surgeons need to stay in control when facing unique and especially challenging intra- and post-operative complications.

Sample chapters include:

The Phaco Machine
Air Pump, Gas-Forced Infusion, and Active Fluidics
Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome
Single-Pass 4-Throw Pupilloplasty
Management of Capsule Rupture at Cataract Surgery
Malpositioned Intraocular Lens
Optic Capture
Glued Intraocular Lens
Management and Prevention of Negative Dysphotopsia
Pseudophakic Cystoid Macular Edema

More than 350 illustrations and photographs supplement the text, providing visual as well as textual references for each case. Plus, an accompanying video website contains over four hours of new, original, high-quality video content, offering additional visual learning to demonstrate the techniques discussed.

Format: Hardback

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