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Movement Disorder Emergencies. Diagnosis and Treatment

Part of the book series: Current Clinical Neurology

ISBN: 9783030759001
ISBN: 9783030759001
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Part of the book series: Current Clinical Neurology

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This book logically and systematically reviews the major movement disorder emergencies. It instructs the reader on how to recognize and manage these problems.

This updated new edition of Movement Disorder Emergencies consists of five comprehensive sections. It begins with chapters that relay the various practical approaches one can administer when treating a patient with a movement disorder emergency. Section two then delves into specific hyperacute movement disorder emergencies such as acute parkinsonism, serotonin syndrome, and malignant catatonia. Following this, section three examines various acute movement disorder emergencies, including tic emergencies and Sydenham’s chorea. Sections four and five explore issues that can occur during treatment, such as pitfalls in diagnosis and risks in the clinic.

Written by prominent neurologists from around the world, Movement Disorder Emergencies, 3rd edition is a practical reference that achieves excellence in diagnosis and management of movement disorder emergencies.