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Musculoskeletal Imaging. A Survival Manual

ISBN: 9783031490200
ISBN: 9783031490200
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This book is a quick and focused review of musculoskeletal imaging essentials. The authors have spent many years teaching medical students, residents, and fellows, and have adapted a survival manual approach to optimize retention. They know that there are common and universal blind spots and gaps in recognition. With this book, the reader will learn where to look and what to look for. The authors highlight obvious and subtle findings that the reader will learn to recognize and understand, with a focus on the nuances that are essential to making accurate and pertinent interpretations.

This book provides clear and concise instruction in identifying and communicating key and critical imaging findings. Chapters cover common conditions found in a busy emergency setting, as well as the more sedate settings of outpatient imaging, where potential pitfalls lurk. Abundant images reinforce the teaching points. Simple text cuts to the core of what is needed. Self-assessment modules and checklists reinforce learning and expose areas of weakness for further study.

This is an ideal guide for radiology residents of all years and working radiologists who may need a refresher on one or more of the many facets of musculoskeletal imaging.

  • Includes key points, time saving hacks and essential information for surviving in a busy reading room
  • Uniquely presents musculoskeletal imaging in a quick and effective manner
  • Written by expert authors