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Nanocarriers in Neurodegenerative Disorders. Therapeutic Hopes and Hypes

ISBN: 9781032467955
ISBN: 9781032467955



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Due to the lack of secure, efficient, and patient-friendly therapies for neurodegenerative disorders, there is a rising demand for innovative approaches. Despite the limited number of nanocarriers approved for human use, they have demonstrated significant potential in preclinical and, in some instances, clinical trials. In alignment with this objective, the chapters of the book are structured to offer a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in medication and dosage form development, specifically emphasizing the nanoparticulate system for targeting the brain. This book aims to furnish readers with a thorough understanding of the clinical application of nanocarrier systems for treating neurodegenerative disorders, encompassing the latest developments, challenges, safety concerns, toxicity issues, regulatory considerations, future prospects, and limitations. Individuals in academia, the scientific community, business, and education seeking a more effective approach to target the brain would find valuable insights in this resource.

Key Features

  • Provides a comparative perspective of various nanocarrier systems, therefore facilitating the researcher’s selection of appropriate nanoparticulate carriers.
  • Highlights the related restrictions of brain delivery and current available medicines.
  • Includes information on the advantages and disadvantages of various biomaterials utilized in the development of nanocarriers for brain targeting.
  • Emphasizes distinct facets of surface functionalization according to the brain area of interest.
  • Presents the current advances, preclinical and clinical development, and the future potential of multiple brain targeting technologies.




Ch1 – Fundamentals of Brain–Barrier Anatomy and Global Functions

Yasser Mecheri, Soundous Malak Behloul


Ch2 – Blood Brain Barrier in Neurodegenrative Disorders

Adejoke Elizabeth Memudu, Michael Oluwatosin Gabriel


Ch3 – Neurodegenerative Disorders, available therapies, and their limitations

Mohamed Zaki , Eman E. Mohamed , Osama M. Ahmed


Ch4 – Challenges in brain targeting and mechanism of drug transfer across BBB

Ahmad Kodous, Priya Ramanathan, Arunagiri Kuha Deva Magendhra Rao, Gamal Abdel Nasser Atia


Ch5 – Introduction to Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology and Nanopharmaceuticals

Abdullah M. M. Elbadry, Hend H. Mohamed


Ch6 – Regulations and Ethics of Nanomedicine and Public acceptance

Nada Abdel-Monaem


Ch7 – Safety of Nanoparticles in Medicine

Mona Mohammed Abd elHakeem khalifa


Ch8 – Enhancing Brain Drug Delivery with Lipid Nanocarriers for Bioactive Compounds

Shivakumar M Methri, Sivakumar Manickam, V. Ravichandiran, Subramanian Natesan


Ch9 – Blood brain Barrier disruption and Nanomedicine in Neurodegenerative disorders

Adejoke Elizabeth Memudu, Michael Oluwatosin Gabriel, Grace Temitope Akingbade, Happiness Ochi Inyang, Omamuyovwi Meashack Ijomone


Ch10 – Worldwide Development and Commercialization of Nanomedicine

Hadeer N. Atalah, Esraa M. Qansuwa




Ch11 – Introduction to nanoparticles as a potential carrier for brain targeting in Neurodegenerative Disorders

Adejoke Elizabeth Memudu, Michael Oluwatosin Gabriel, Victor Ebube Anadu, Olayemi Kafilat Ijomone, Omamuyovwi Meashack Ijomone


Ch12 – Application of polymeric nanoparticles in brain targeting

Moshera Samy


Ch13 – Lipid-based Nanocarriers for Brain Delivery of Bio-actives in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Khaled M. Kotb, Mohamed N. Sharafeldin, Hamsa Hassan, Achouak BOUTALBI, Ahmed Yahya, Haseen Fatima Niazi, Nouran A. Taha, Islam Omar, Amgad E. Salem


Ch14 – Autophagy and extracellular nanovesicles communication and their therapeutic application in neurodegenerative diseases.

Mohamed Abdelkader, Noha AboQuella


Ch15 – Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as promising carriers for brain delivery

Sudarshan Naidu  Chilamakuri,  Sivakumar Manickam, Rajukumar Malayandi Ravichandiran Velayutham, Subramanian Natesan


Ch16 – Potential of dendrimers as a nanocarrier for brain drug delivery

Arab Iram Saba Gaus Mohammed, Victor Hmingthansanga, Sivakumar Manickam, V. Ravichandiran, Subramanian Natesan


Ch17 – Surface active ligands for brain targeting

Mariam Zewail, Heba Abd-El-Azim


Ch18 – Nanocarriers for brain delivery: Safety, Stability concerns, and regulatory aspects

Asmaa Ashraf, Mohamed Dahab, Rahma Soliman


Ch19 – Advancements of nanocarriers for brain targeting and limitations in clinical translation

Nermeen Z. Abuelezz, Fayza Eid Nasr, María-Salud García-Ayllón, Javier Sáez-Valero 


Ch20 – Toward Applicability of Exosomal-ncRNA Precision vs Nanoparticles to the Brain

Nadia M. Hamdy, Emad B. Basalious, Mona G. El-Sisi, Rana A. Youness, Ahmed S. Sultan


Ch21 – Current advancements of nanocarriers for neurodegenerative disorders linked to toxoplasmosis

Mohamed Y. Zaky, Nahed S. Lamloum


Ch22 – Toward Nano-drugs Precision for Neurodegenerative disease(s) or Glioma

Nadia M. Hamdy, Emad B. Basalious, Al-Aliaa Sallam, Fatma H. Shaker, Sujay Paul, Shih-Min Hsia, Mai M. Anwar