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Navigating the Challenges of Concussion

Brain and Life Books
ISBN: 9780190630119
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Brain and Life Books

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Concussion is one of the most common neurological conditions, with many people having experienced at least one concussion within a lifetime. Concussion has been the focus of great media attention which has brought awareness to this important health issue. While most have heard about athletes and concussions, these injuries can occur at any age and can have many causes such as car accidents and falls.

In Navigating the Challenges of Concussion, expert clinicians and researchers in the fields of neurology and neuropsychology teamed together to provide up-to-date and evidence-based information for patients and families affected by concussion or those at increased risk of sustaining concussions. Topics covered include how concussion is different from other forms of brain injury, what to expect after a concussion, and what to do if symptoms are persisting. The authors explore extensively the common misconceptions around the treatment of concussion, and instead offer evidence-based guidance to follow instead. Special considerations for children and students, athletes, employees, military personnel, and older adults are discussed. Patient stories are included throughout which highlight some of the experiences that patients with concussion may face and may relate to their own concussion journey.

  • Translation of the evolving medical knowledge to the lay reader
  • Reaches beyond medical textbook to impact general readers struggling with concussion
  • Offers medical evidence and background to a topic often covered by media
  • Addresses common misconceptions about the treatment of concussion


Part 1. Overview
1. Introduction
2. What is Concussion?
Part 2. Symptoms and Recovery
3. Acute Symptoms and Management
4. Common Symptoms Following Concussion
5. Prognosis and Expectations for Recovery
6. Management Options for Post-Concussive Symptoms to Promote Recovery
7. Long-Term Implications
8. School and Education Issues for the Student who has sustained a concussion
9. Occupational and Work issues for the Employee who has sustained a concussion
Part 3. Special Populations
10. Athletic Concussion
11. Military Concussion
12. Concussion in Children
13. Concussion in the Elderly