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Nelson Pediatrics Board Review

Certification and Recertification

ISBN: 9780323530514
ISBN: 9780323530514

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Certification and Recertification

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Review and retain the information you need for success on the boards with Nelson Pediatrics Board Review: Certification and Recertification. This highly practical review tool follows the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) general pediatrics content outline, with topics weighted to correlate with the exam. Must-know information is presented in a way thats easy to study and remember, and is backed by the Nelson family of references that you know and trust for current, authoritative information in your field.

Weight: 2,240.00 grams Pages: 782 Illus: Approx. 400 illustrations (300 in full color) Size: 216 X 276 mm Product Type: Softcover


Chapter 1. Maximizing Test Performance: Effective Study and Test-Taking Strategies


Section 1: Allergy


Chapter 2. Atopic Syndrome

Chapter 3. Allergies, Immunotherapy, and Anaphylaxis

Chapter 4. Selected Topics in Allergy


Section 2: Cardiology


Chapter 5. Clinical Approach to Common Complaints in Cardiology

Chapter 6. Structural Heart Disease

Chapter 7. Acquired Heart Disease

Chapter 8. Selected Topics in Cardiology

Section 3: Dermatology

Chapter 9. Neonatal Skin Disorders

Chapter 10. Dermatologic Emergencies

Chapter 11. Infectious Dermatology

Chapter 12. Selected Topics in Dermatology

Section 4: Emergency Medicine and Trauma

Chapter 13. Shock

Chapter 14. BRUE, SIDS, and Cardiopulmonary Arrest

Chapter 15. Trauma

Chapter 16. Bites, Stings, and Wounds

Chapter 17. Heat-Related Illnesses and Drowning

Chapter 18. Toxicology

Chapter 19. Selected Topics in Emergency Medicine

Section 5: Endocrinology

Chapter 20. Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

Chapter 21. Disorders in Sex Differentiation and Pubertal Development

Chapter 22. Growth Disorders

Chapter 23. Thyroid Disorders

Chapter 24. Disorders of Calcium Homeostasis

Chapter 25. Adrenal Disorders

Chapter 26. Endocrinologic Dysnatremias

Chapter 27. Selected Topics in Endocrinology

Section 6: Gastroenterology

Chapter 28. Clinical Approach to Emesis and Diarrhea

Chapter 29. Clinical Approach to GI Bleed

Chapter 30. Esophageal and Gastric Disorders

Chapter 31. Intestinal Disorders

Chapter 32. Hepatobiliary Disorders and Liver Failure

Chapter 33. Pancreatic Disorders

Chapter 34. Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Section 7: Genetics and Dysmorphology

Chapter 35. Selected Topics in Genetics and Dysmorphology

Section 8: Hematology

Chapter 36. Erythrocyte Disorders

Chapter 37. Platelet Disorders and Coagulopathies

Chapter 38. Selected Topics in Hematology

Section 9: Immunology

Chapter 39. Clinical Approach to Suspected Immune Deficiency

Chapter 40. Phagocyte Disorders

Chapter 41. Humoral and Combined Immunodeficiencies

Chapter 42. Selected Topics in Immunology

Section 10: Infectious Diseases

Chapter 43. Clinical Approach to Common ID Complaints

Chapter 44. Bacteria

Chapter 45. Viruses

Chapter 46. Fungi, Worms, and Parasites

Chapter 47. Therapeutic Agents in Infectious Diseases

Section 11: Metabolism

Chapter 48. Clinical Approach to Suspected Metabolic Disorder

Chapter 49. Review of Selected Metabolic Disorders

Section 12: Nephrology

Chapter 50. Management of Fluids and Electrolytes

Chapter 51. Clinical Approach to Acid-Base Disturbances

Chapter 52. Clinical Approach to Common Complaints in Nephrology

Chapter 53. Nephritic and Nephrotic Syndromes

Chapter 54. Selected Topics in Nephrology

Section 13: Neurology

Chapter 55. Selected Topics in the Neurologic Assessment

Chapter 56. Altered Mental Status and Headache

Chapter 57. Seizures

Chapter 58. Weakness and Ataxia

Chapter 59. Congenital Malformations of the CNS

Chapter 60. Selected Topics in Neurology

Section 14: Oncology

Chapter 61. Hematologic Malignancies

Chapter 62. Neuroblastoma and Brain Tumors

Chapter 63. Solid Tumors

Chapter 64. Selected Topics in Oncology

Section 15: Ophthalmology

Chapter 65. Clinical Approach to Common Ophthalmologic Complaints

Chapter 66. Disorders of Eye Alignment and Movement

Chapter 67. Disorders of the External Eye and Anterior Segment

Chapter 68. Disorders of the Posterior Segment

Section 16: Otorhinolaryngology

Chapter 69. Disorders of the Ear and Audition

Chapter 70. Disorders of the Nose and Sinuses

Chapter 71. Disorders of the Oropharynx and Neck

Section 17: Orthopedics

Chapter 72. Common Orthopedic Injuries

Chapter 73. Selected Topics in Orthopedics

Section 18: Pulmonology

Chapter 74. Clinical Approach to Common Pulmonologic Complaints

Chapter 75. Neonatal Lung Disorders

Chapter 76. Disorders of the Upper and Lower Airways

Chapter 77. Parenchymal and Extrapulmonary Disorders

Chapter 78. Systemic Diseases with Pulmonary Involvement

Section 19: Psychiatry

Chapter 79. Selected Topics in Psychiatry

Section 20: Rheumatology

Chapter 80. Clinical Approach to Arthritis

Chapter 81. Inflammatory Arthritis

Chapter 82. Collagen Vascular Diseases

Chapter 83. Selected Topics in Rheumatology

Section 21: Urology

Chapter 84. Disorders of the Collecting System, Kidney, Bladder, and Urethra

Chapter 85. Disorders of the Male Genital System

Section 22: Ambulatory Pediatrics

Chapter 86. Nutrition

Chapter 87. Immunizations

Chapter 88. Preventive Pediatrics

Chapter 89. Normal Development and Disorders of Cognition, Language, and Learning

Chapter 90. Child Abuse and Neglect

Section 23: Adolescent Medicine

Chapter 91. Menstrual Disorders and Hormonal Contraception

Chapter 92. Infectious Diseases of the Genital Tract

Chapter 93. Selected Topics in Gynecology

Chapter 94. Selected Topics in Adolescent Medicine

Chapter 95. Selected Topics in Prenatal Medicine and Obstetrics

Section 24: Research and Statistics

Chapter 96. Clinical Epidemiology

Section 25: Ethics

Chapter 97. Ethics

Section 26: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Chapter 98. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement