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Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy Treatment of Localized Genitourinary Cancers. Multidisciplinary Management

ISBN: 9783030805487
ISBN: 9783030805487
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This book aims to provide readers with a current overview of enrolling trials with immune-checkpoint inhibitors in the preoperative setting of localized bladder cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and prostate cancer. The advent of immunotherapy has revolutionized treatments of genitourinary malignancy and evolved strategies for multidisciplinary management. This book explains neoadjuvant checkpoint inhibitors in localized genitourinary cancers, providing insights into the mechanisms of response and development of resistance of cancer cells to immunotherapy. It debates optimal trial design of preoperative checkpoint inhibitors in GU tumors, including optimal endpoints and the role of pathologic response as a surrogate endpoint of survival. It also illuminates clinical management of patients with organ-confined GU tumors, such as side effect management and perioperative safety, before providing an overview of biomarker use for patient selection across the early-stage GU malignancies. Lastly, the book provides the reader with the most up-to-date data emerging from clinical trials involving immunotherapy in early-stage GU malignancies.

Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy Treatment of Localized Genitourinary Cancers: Multidisciplinary Management provides a comprehensive review of the field, serving as a valuable resource for urologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, fellows in urologic oncology, upper-level residents training in urology and medical oncology, as well as pharmacists interested in RCC clinicians.