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Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes, Eleventh edition, International Edition

ISBN: 9781975197353
ISBN: 9781975197353
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11η έκδοση

Κύριος Συγγραφέας


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With its unique integration of clinical information, correlations, and terminology with neuroanatomic concepts, Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context: Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes, 11th Edition, provides everything you need to not only master the anatomy of the central nervous system, but also understand its clinical relevance. Clear explanations and dynamic imagery synthesize neuroscience concepts, delivering a comprehensive, clinically oriented overview of systems neurobiology.

The 11th Edition is enhanced throughout, combining the authoritative approach for which this legendary text is known with updated full-color images and pathway illustrations, clinical highlights, and hundreds of review questions to strengthen your exam confidence and ready you for clinical rotations.

  • UPDATED! New and expanded clinical content reflects the latest neuroscience knowledge.
  • UPDATED! Color illustrations, photographs, and clinical images (MRIs, CTs, OCTs, etc.) clarify neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.
  • NEW! OCT images of ocular conditions commonly encountered in clinical practice.
  • UPDATED! Pathway drawings emphasize the structure and function of neural pathways in vibrant detail.
  • Color-coded clinical content makes it easy to identify clinical comments or examples and reinforces correlations to neuroanatomic context.
  • UPDATED! Terminology conforms to the latest Terminologia Anatomica to ensure clinical fluency.
  • UPDATED! USMLE-style Review Questionswith detailed explanations provide essential review and remediation and boost test-taking confidence.