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Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics. Genetic and Environmental Influences

ISBN: 9783031207945
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This book explores the interrelationship of genetics, the environment, or both, in the causation of three neurodevelopmental disorders: autism/autism spectrum disorder (ASD), fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), and cerebral palsy (CP). It links common clinical problems in developmental pediatrics and pediatric neurology to current concepts and translational research advances in developmental neurosciences, medical genetics, and related disciplines. The first section of the book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of development of the brain, including topics such as neuronal stem cells, epigenetics, and the influence of the prenatal environment. The next three sections analyze the epidemiology, diagnosis, interventions, and controversies and research directions associated with each of the three neurodevelopmental disorders. It also examines co-morbidities common to all three disorders, such as disturbed sleep, seizures, behavioral disorders, and pain. It concludes by highlighting the impact of ASD, FASD, and CP on family dynamics and provides tools and resources based on foundational concepts such as neuroethics, bioinformatics, community engagement, and advocacy. Learning objectives, key points, clinical vignettes, and multiple choice questions are incorporated throughout the book. With its comprehensive treatment of disease mechanisms, genetics, and pathophysiology associated with these disorders and its discussion of potential therapies and novel treatments, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics: Genetic and Environmental Influences is an essential resource for developmental pediatricians, child neurologists, fellows, residents and graduate students.