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Neurosurgery and Global Health

ISBN: 9783030866587
ISBN: 9783030866587
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This book is a combination of ideas and experiences from over 100 dedicated and brilliant neurosurgeons around the world. Their common goal is to provide data for a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of neurosurgery and, by doing so, to better serve patients across the globe. Scientific curiosity, deep dedication, incredible work ethics, entrepreneurship, and creativity are the common traits among all neurosurgeons, and not the exception. By allowing readers to see the field of neurosurgery from the perspectives of surgeons spanning five continents, this book serves to provide multiple, diverse viewpoints and to build a foundation for future collaborations. The book’s 24 chapters are organized into 3 parts.

Part I provides the reader with an overview of the role of neurosurgery in worldwide health care, its evolution over the past decades, the current state and future directions of each neurosurgical subspecialty across the five continents. Over the years, the overarching goal for neurosurgeons has been to develop new, more effective and high-end solutions for complex diseases and to provide access to neurosurgical services for all patients.
Part II discusses the differences and similarities of neurosurgery education and training across the globe, providing a snapshot of how new tools, technology, and paradigms reduce inequality and increase access to neurosurgical education. Educational accomplishments and challenges still present for the in different regions of the world are reviewed.

Part III focuses on economic aspects influencing neurosurgery globally, including how to make efficient decisions in the face of scarcity, yet demand. The authors provide theories, models, and tools helpful to apply when planning to allocate resources, not just financial, but also human and intellectual. A deeper understanding of economics does not necessarily provide the answer to the problem; rather it provides the tools to find an answer, or, ideally, multiple possible solutions.

Neurosurgery and Global Health is the first comprehensive guide to the role of neurosurgery in the global health care sphere, providing an in-depth compendium about the understanding of the neurosurgical role within global health, its efforts in the education of tomorrow’s workforce, and the economic aspects driving the field.