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Niedermeyer’s Electroencephalography

Basic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields

ISBN: 9780190228484

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Basic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields

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Niedermeyers Electroencephalography: Basic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields, Seventh Edition keeps the clinical neurophysiologist on the forefront of medical advancements. This authoritative text covers basic neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and neuroimaging to provide a better understanding of clinical neurophysiological findings. This edition further delves into current state-of-the-art recording EEG activity both in the normal clinical environment and unique situations such as the intensive care unit, operating rooms, and epilepsy monitoring suites. As computer technology evolves, so does the integration of analytical methods that significantly affect the readers interpretations of waveforms and trends that are occurring on long-term monitoring sessions.

Compiled and edited by Donald L. Schomer and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, along with a global team of experts, they collectively bring insight to crucial sections including basic principles of EEG and MEG, normal EEG, EEG in a clinical setting, clinical EEG in seizures and epilepsy, complementary and special techniques, event-related EEG phenomena, and shed light on the future of EEG and clinical neurophysiology. Akin to an encyclopedia of everything EEG, this comprehensive work is perfect for neurophysiology fellows, as well as neurology, neurosurgery, and general medical residents, and for the interns and medical students, and is a one-stop-shop for anyone training in EEG or preparing for neurophysiology or epilepsy board exams.




Contributors List
Part I: Basic Principles
Chapter 1: Historical Aspects of Electroencephalography
Raoul Sutter, MD, Peter W. Kaplan, MB, BS, FRCP, and Donald L. Schomer, MD
Chapter 2: Cellular Substrates of Brain Rhythms
Florin Amzica, PhD and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 3: Dynamics of EEGs as Signals of Neuronal Populations: Models and Theoretical Considerations
Fabrice Wendling, MD, PhD and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 4: Biophysical Aspects of EEG and MEG Generation
Wytse J. Wadman PhD and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 5: Recording Principles: Analog and Digital Principles;
Polarity and Field Determinations; Multimodal Monitoring, Polygraphy
Donald L. Schomer, MD, Charles M. Epstein, MD, Susan T. Herman, MD, and Bruce J. Fisch, MD
Chapter 6: Anterotemporal, Basal Temporal, Nasopharyngeal and Sphenoidal Electrodes and High-Density Arrays
Andrew Schomer, MD, Margitta Seeck, MD, Andres M. Kanner, MD, FANA, and Donald L. Schomer, MD
Part II: Normal EEG
Chapter 7: Normal EEG and Sleep: Preterm; Term; Infant; Adolescent
Phillip L. Pearl, MD, Jules Beal, MD, Monika Eisermann, MD, Sunita
Misra, MD, PhD, Perrine Plouin, MD, Solomon L. Moshe, MD, James J.
Riviello, Jr., MD, Douglas R. Nordli, Jr., MD, and Eli M. Mizrahi, MD
Chapter 9: Validating Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tests in Clinical
Neurophysiology: Developing Strong Experimental Designs and Recognizing
Joshua B. Ewen, MD and Sándor Beniczky, MD, PhD
Chapter 10: EEG Activation Methods
Mouhsin M. Shafi, MD, PhD and M. Brandon Westover, MD, PhD
Chapter 11: Artifacts of Recording and Common Errors in Interpretation
William O. Tatum, DO, Claus Reinsberger, MD, PhD, and Barbara A. Dworetzky, MD
Part III: Clinical EEG: General Topics
Chapter 12: Patterns of Unclear Significance
Jonathan Charles Edwards, MD and Ekrem Kutluay, MD
Chapter 13: The EEG in Degenerative Disorders of the CNS: Congenital
Malformations, Neurocutaneous Disorders, Inherited Disorders of
Metabolism, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorders
John Gaitanis, MD, Phillip L. Pearl, MD, and Howard Goodkin, MD
Chapter 14: Brain Tumors and Other Space-Occupying Lesions
Adam L. Hartman, MD and Ronald P. Lesser, MD
Chapter 15: EEG in Inflammatory Disorders, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Trauma and Migraine.
Marian Galovic, MD, Bettina Schmitz, MD, and Barbara Tettenborn, MD
Chapter 16: EEG In Dementing Disorders
Claudio Babiloni, MD, Claudio Del Percio, MD, and Ana Buján, MD
Chapter 17: Electroencephalography in Metabolic Disorders, Intoxications, and Epileptic Encephalopathies
Raoul Sutter, MD, Trudy Pang, MD, and Peter W. Kaplan, MB, BS, FRCP
Part IV: Clinical EEG in the Evaluation of Seizures, Epilepsy, Acute Brain Insults and Related Disorders
Chapter 18: Seizures and Epilepsy in Preterm and term Neonates, infants, children and Adolescents
Jules C. Beal, MD, Monika Eisermann, MD, Sunita Misra, MD, PhD, Phillip
L. Pearl, MD, Perrine Plouin, MD, Eli M. Mizrahi, MD, and Solomon L.
Moshe, MD
Chapter 19: The Application of EEG to Epilepsy in Adults and the Elderly
Vaishnav Krishnan MD, PhD, Bernard S. Chang, MD, MMSc, and Donald L. Schomer, MD
Chapter 20: Convulsive Status Epilepticus
Frank W. Drislane, MD, Susan T. Herman, MD, and Peter W. Kaplan, MB, FRCP
Chapter 21: Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus
Frank W. Drislane, MD, Susan T. Herman, MD, and Peter W. Kaplan, MB, FRCP
Chapter 22: EEG in the ICU: Anoxia, Coma, Brain Death, and Related Disorders
Gamaleldin M. Osman, MD, James J Riviello, Jr, MD, and Lawrence J. Hirsch, MD
Chapter 23: EEG Based Anticipation and Control of Seizures
Stiliyan Kalitzin, PhD and Fernando Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 24: Non-Epileptic Events
David K. Chen, MD and W. Curt LaFrance, Jr., MD, MPH
Chapter 25: EEG in Psychiatric Disorders
Andres M. Kanner, MD, FANA and Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle, MD
Chapter 26: Standardizing EEG Interpretation and Reporting
Sándor Beniczky, MD, PhD, Harald Aurlien, MD, PhD, Jan Brøgger, MD,
PhD, Ronit Pressler, MD, PhD, MRCPCH, and Lawrence J. Hirsch MD
Chapter 27: Automatic Integrated EEG Interpretation and Reporting
Masatoshi Nakamura, MD and Hiroshi Shibasaki, MD
Part V: Complementary and Special Techniques
Chapter 28: Transcranial Electrical and Magnetic and Stimulation
Alexander Rotenberg, MD, PhD, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, and Alan D. Legatt, MD, PhD
Chapter 29: Intracranial EEG Monitoring: Depth, Subdural, Foramen Ovale, and Microarrays
Margitta Seeck, MD and Donald L. Schomer, MD
Chapter 30: Electrocorticography
Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD and Stephan Schuele, MD, MPH
Chapter 31: Principles and Techniques for Long-Term EEG Recording (EMU, ICU, Ambulatory)
Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD, Ronald Emerson, MD, and Cecil D. Hahn, MD, MPH
Chapter 32: Infraslow EEG activity
Sampsa Vanhatalo, MD and J.Matias Palva, MD
Chapter 33: High Frequency EEG Activity
Jean Gotman, PhD and Nathan E. Crone, MD
Chapter 34: Intraoperative Monitoring of Central Neurophysiology
Alan D. Legatt, MD, PhD, Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD, and Ronald G. Emerson, MD
Chapter 35: Magnetoencephalography: Methods and Clinical Aspects
Riitta Hari, MD, PhD
Chapter 36: Polysomnography: Technical and Clinical Aspects
Sudhansu Chokroverty, MD and Robert Vertugno, MD
Chapter 37: The Neurophysiological Basis of Myoclonus
Phillip D. Thompson, MD, Hiroshi Shibasaki, MD, and Mark Hallett, MD
Chapter 38: Recording Techniques related to Deep Brain Stimulation for
Movement Disorders and Responsive Stimulation for Epilepsy
Jay L. Shils, PhD, DABNM, FASNM, FACNS, Sepehr Sani, MD, Ryan Kochanski, MD, Mena Kerolus, MD, and Jeffrey E. Arle MD, PhD
Part VI: Evoked Potentials and Event-Related EEG Phenomena
Chapter 39: Event-Related Potentials: General Aspects of Methodology and Quantification
Marco Congendo, PhD and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 40: EEG Event-Related Desynchronization (ERD) and Event-Related Synchronization
Gert Pfurtscheller, MD, PhD and Fernando Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 41: Visual Evoked Potentials and Electroretinograms
Gastone G. Celesia, MD and Neal S. Peachey, MD
Chapter 42: Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials and Other Auditory Evoked Potentials
Abeer J. Hani, MD and Aatif M. Husain, MD
Chapter 43: Somatosensory and Pain Evoked Potentials: Normal Responses,
Abnormal Waveforms, and Clinical Applications in Neurological Diseases
François Mauguière, MD and Luis Garcia-Larrea, MD
Part VII: New Frontiers in Clinical Neurophysiology/EEG
Chapter 44: EEG Analysis: Theory and Practice
Fabrice Wendling, Eng, PhD, Marco Congendo, PhD, and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD
Chapter 45: EEG Mapping and Source Imaging
Christoph M. Michel, PhD and Bin He, PhD
Chapter 46: Combination of Brain Functional Imaging Techniques: EEG/MEG, fMRI, PET, SPECT – Clinical Applications in Neurology
Margitta Seeck, MD, L. Spinelli, PhD, Jean Gotman, PhD, and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD
Chapter 47: EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces
Gert Pfurtscheller, MD, PhD, Clemens Brunner, MD, and Christa Neuper, MD
Chapter 48: Neurocognitive Processes
Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, MD, PhD and Eric Halgren, PhD