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Non-Migraine Primary Headaches in Medicine. A Machine-Generated Overview of Current Research

ISBN: 9783031208966
ISBN: 9783031208966
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This book on tension-type headache is the second machine-generated scientific book in medicine published by Springer and reflects a new publication format which focuses on literature reviews: state-of-the-art computer algorithms were applied to select relevant sources from Springer Nature journal, rearrange them in a topical order, and provide short summaries of these articles. The result is the auto-summarization of current texts, organized by means of a similarity-based clustering routine in coherent chapters and sections. The human intervention of a world-renowned expert in this field grants the scientific soundness and appropriate organization of the contents identified. The AI-based approach seemed especially suitable to provide an innovative perspective as the topics are indeed both complex, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary, as is tension-type headache, the most diffuse among the chronic non communicable diseases. The result of this innovative process will of help especially for readers with limited time, interested in migraine and wishing to learn more about the subject quickly and if they are new to the topic. Springer seeks to support anyone who needs a fast and effective start in their content discovery journey, from the undergraduate student exploring interdisciplinary content, to Master- or PhD-thesis developing research questions, to the practitioner seeking support materials, this book can serve as an inspiration, to name a few examples.