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Nuclear Cardiac Imaging. Companion Atlas

ISBN: 9780197521434
ISBN: 9780197521434
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A companion to the 6th edition of Nuclear Cardiac Imaging, this text offers readers additional case examples and figures not included in the related textbook as well as a concise option for readers seeking a case book for quick review for examination preparation or assistance with image interpretation. Rather than focusing on theoretical explanations, the atlas provides high-yield, rapid imaging support with a particular emphasis on cases with angiography, echocardiography, and other imaging correlations.

With a variety of cases and multiple-choice self-assessment questions along with a comprehensive multiple-choice exam to be taken upon completion of the text, the Companion Atlas will solidify readers’ knowledge and ranges in levels of difficulty, including those intended to challenge even the most expert reader.

  • Additional case examples and figures not included in the textbook version
  • A diverse variety of case examples and comprehensive multiple-choice questions for reader self-assessment
  • Online appendix featuring clinically relevant videos


Section I. Historical, Technical and Physiological Considerations
1. Nuclear Cardiology: History and Milestones
2. Radiation physics
3. SPECT and PET Instrumentation
4. Kinetics of Conventional and New Cardiac Radiotracers
5. Radionuclide Angiography: Planar and Tomographic
6. Gated SPECT MPI: Imaging Protocols and Acquisition
7. Image Artifacts
Section II. Diagnosis and Risk Assessment
8. Regulation of Myocardial Blood Flow
9. How to measure Myocardial Blood Flow by PET?
10. How to measure Myocardial Blood flow by SPECT?
11. Treadmill Exercise Testing
12. Pharmacological Stress Testing
13. SPECT MPI in Diagnosis/Risk Assessment
14. SPECT MPI for Risk Assessment in special groups (DM, Kidney transplant, Liver transplant, Asymptomatic, Obese)
15. SPECT MPI for Risk Assessment before non-cardiac surgery
16. Evaluation of patients with Chest Pain in the Emergency Department
17. Role of PET (Perfusion and MBF) in Diagnosis and Risk Assessment
18. Nuclear Imaging in women
19. Myocardial Viability Assessment by Nuclear Techniques
Section III. Role of Nuclear Imaging Beyond CAD
20. Imaging dyssynchrony
21. Imaging Myocardial Innervation by SPECT and PET
22. Imaging sarcoid heart disease
23. Imaging Amyloid heart disease
24. Imaging infections of valves and devices
25. Imaging cardiac and vascular inflammation
26. Imaging in Heart Failure including those with devices and post cardiac transplant
Section IV. Advances in Nuclear Cardiac Imaging
27. Evolving role of CT, cMR and echo in CAD
28. Hybrid Imaging: SPECT/CTA, PET/MR and SPECT Calcium Score: when and why?
29. Artificial Intelligence and nuclear imaging
30. Nuclear Imaging in patients with serious arrhythmias
31. Nuclear Imaging in patients with HIV
32. Nuclear Imaging in cardio-oncology
33. Nuclear Imaging in patients with congenital heart diseases
Section V. Challenges for Nuclear Cardiology
34. Physician Certification and Lab Accreditation
35. ACC/AHA/ESC Nuclear Guidelines and Appropriate Use Criteria
36. Nuclear Cardiology Report generation
37. Radiation Considerations in imaging
38. Statistics in Nuclear imaging
39. Nuclear Imaging in Developing Countries
40. Ask the Experts
Section VI. Self-Assessment
41. Nuclear Cardiology Self-Assessment