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Nursing Health Assessment: A Clinical Judgment Approach, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781975176907
ISBN: 9781975176907



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Combining the fundamental coverage of a traditional nursing assessment text with a modern, student-friendly presentation and an enhanced emphasis on clinical judgment, Nursing Health Assessment: A Clinical Judgment Approach, 4th Edition, helps students easily develop the understanding, critical thinking, and decision-making skills to excel in any clinical setting.

A consistent, two-column format presents normal and abnormal findings and guides students progressively through realistic clinical case scenarios, instilling the nursing knowledge to observe and assess situations, prioritize patient concerns, and generate the best possible solutions. Case-based Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) style questions throughout the text (and answers with rationales in an appendix) align with the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model (NCJMM) to prepare students for success on the Next Generation NCLEX® and to help them confidently deliver safe patient care in any clinical setting.

New and Updated Features for the 4th Edition

  • NEW! 180 case-based Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) style questions (and answers with rationales) boost students’ exam readiness and test-taking confidence.
  • NEW! NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) cues, hypotheses, and evaluation components incorporated into case studies throughout the text strengthen students’ critical thinking and decision-making capabilities.
  • UPDATED! New and revised content familiarizes students with social determinants of health, incorporates unbiased language, and reflects current infection and source control measures.
  • UPDATED! Diagnoses incorporate International Classification for Nursing Practice [INCP] language to clarify challenging terminology.