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Obstetric Evidence Based Guidelines 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780367608774
ISBN: 9780367608774
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This new edition of an acclaimed text reviews the evidence for best practice in obstetrics to present the reader with the right information, with appropriate use of proven interventions and avoidance of ineffectual or harmful ones. The information is presented in the right format by summarizing evidence succinctly and clearly in tables and algorithms. The aim is to inform the clinician, to reduce errors, and “to make it easy to do it right.”

The volume can be purchased separately or together with the companion volume on Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines (set ISBN 9780367567033).

The Series in Maternal-Fetal Medicine is published in conjunction with the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine.

From reviews of previous editions:

Obstetric Evidence Based Guidelines is a text that will prove useful to residents and fellows as well as to practicing obstetric clinicians. Furthermore, it can be used as a source for the development of hospital policies for the management of these obstetric problems … The major advantage of this text is that it provides guidelines for the management of commonly encountered obstetric issues in a single book.


This is a welcome addition to a physician’s library. Its use of current studies and easy-to-read format allow for easy fact-checking and referencing.

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List of contributors
How to “read” this book
List of abbreviations

1 Preconception care
Johanna Quist-Nelson
2 Prenatal care
Gabriele Saccone and Kerri Sendek
3 Physiologic changes
Jason Baxter and Julia Burd
4 Ultrasound
Lea M. Porche, Suneet P. Chauhan, and Alfred Abuhamad
5 Prenatal diagnosis and screening for aneuploidy
Sarah Harris, Angie Jelin, and Neeta Vora
6 Carrier screening for inherited genetic conditions
Whitney Bender and Lorraine Dugoff
7 Preparation before labor
Daniele Di Mascio and Leen Al-Hafez
8 First stage of labor
Leen Al-Hafez
9 Second stage of labor
Alexis C. Gimovsky
10 Third stage of labor
Alyssa R. Hersh and Jorge E. Tolosa
11 Intrapartum fetal monitoring
Nandini Raghuraman and Alison G Cahill
12 Analgesia and anesthesia
Michele Mele, Valentina Bellussi, and Laura Felder
13 Operative vaginal delivery
Adeeb Khalifeh and Megan Piacquadio
14 Cesarean delivery
A. Dhanya Mackeen and Meike Schuster
15 Trial of labor after caesarean
Amen Ness
16 Early pregnancy loss
Lisa K. Perriera, Beatrice A. Chen, and Aileen M. Gariepy
17 Recurrent pregnancy loss
Reshama Navathe and Shabani Ahluwalia
18 Preterm birth prevention in asymptomatic women
Anju Suhag
19 Preterm labor
Rebecca Horgan
20 Preterm prelabor rupture of membranes
Anna Locatelli, Sara Consonni, and Annalisa Inversetti
21 Prelabor rupture of membranes at or near term
Teodora Kolarova and Kimberly Ma
22 Management of the uncomplicated term pregnancy
Rebecca Jackson
23 Induction of labor
Corina N. Schoen
24 Intraamniotic infection and inflammation (triple I)
Victoria Adewale, Cecily May Barber, and Elizabeth Liveright
25 Meconium
Meike Schuster and Justin S Brandt
26 Malpresentation and malposition
Alexis C. Gimovsky, Andrea Dall’Asta, Giovanni Morganelli, and Tullio Ghi
27 Shoulder dystocia
Julia Burd
28 Postpartum hemorrhage, retained placenta, and uterine inversion
Amy C. Hermesch and Jorge E. Tolosa
29 Placental disorders
Daniele Di Mascio and Francesco D’Antonio
30 Placental Abruption
John F. Visintine
31 Postpartum care
Elena R. Magro-Malosso, Sarah K. Dotters-Katz, and Daniele Di Mascio
32 The neonate
Laura De Angelis and Luca Ramenghi
33 The adnexal mass
Connie D. Cao and Norman G. Rosenblum
34 Cervical cancer screening and management in pregnancy
Vaidehi Mujumdar and Scott D. Richard