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Occupational Therapy and Spirituality

ISBN: 9781032570761
ISBN: 9781032570761
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Spirituality is an important aspect of occupational therapy theory and practice, yet it remains little understood.

This timely book adds to the current debate by exploring the meaning of spirituality within occupational therapy and by outlining evidence which supports this area of practice. Beginning with the three stances surrounding spirituality for the common good and the theology of occupation, throughout its 10 chapters the book goes on to cover topics such as:

    • Spirituality of caring;
    • Theories of spiritual development;
    • Definition of spirituality from occupational therapy literature;
    • Differences between assessing spirituality and religion;
    • Spirituality and ethics;
    • Spiritual and cultural diversity in the occupational therapy clinic;
    • Therapeutic self.

By the end of the volume the reader will have the toolset required to consider spiritual concepts and their application to health principles. Occupational Therapy and Spirituality is written in an accessible format and is designed for occupational therapy and occupational science academics, researchers, and graduate students.


1. Theology of Occupation 2. Spirituality and Occupational Therapy 3. Theology of Body and Soul 4. Therapeutic Self 5. Theories of Spiritual Development 6. Spirituality of Caring 7. Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in the Occupational Therapy Clinic 8. Spiritual Assessment 9. Spirituality and Ethics 10. Teaching Spirituality in Higher Education