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Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery

ISBN: 9783030919382
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This book provides a detailed description of laryngeal procedures performed under topical anesthesia in an office setting. The last two decades have witnessed a major evolution in laryngology practice toward office-based surgery, thus reducing the risk of general anesthesia and containing healthcare costs while also hastening recovery rates from the time of diagnosis. Beginning with a comprehensive review of the anatomy and physiology of phonation, the book then provides systematic assessment of patients with voice dysfunction secondary to structural and functional laryngeal disorders. It offers detailed instructions on patient selection, safety, tolerance, and proper administration of topical anesthesia. The book supplies detailed descriptions of the various surgical techniques commonly used in office-based laryngeal surgery using color illustrations, photographs and videos. Different surgical approaches are presented including transcervical, transnasal and per-oral techniques. The book also supplies a thorough review of the literature on the current status of the most commonly performed office-based laryngeal surgeries including patient care, surgical outcome, and complications.

Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery will help laryngologists operating on awake patients in an office setting to be both well-equipped and well-informed.