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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. A Practical Guide 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781138070134
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This volume is a contemporary guide to the management of breast diseases, both benign and malignant. This multidisciplinary resource includes significant expertise from the disciplines of radiology, pathology, oncology, psychology, and nursing care, as well as insights from plastic surgeons and other allied health professionals.

With a focus on practical patient management, the book takes a problem-based learning approach and includes strategies to tackle clinical challenges which, whilst seen in practice, are often poorly understood and taught.

Each chapter succinctly covers the seminal evidence-based literature whilst placing this within a patient-centred context. The multidisciplinary approach reflects contemporary clinical practice.

Breast surgeons, surgeons in training positions, and the wider multidisciplinary breast management team will all benefit from this authoritative guide.


Family History and High-Risk Surveillance

Lis Grimsey

The Principles of Triple Assessment

Annaliese Lawn and Hannah Knowles

Breast Screening

Sue Barter

Mammography and Ultrasound

William Teh, Leila Ismail and Gary Rubin


William Teh, Konstantia Diana Stavrou

Localisation and Biopsy

William Teh, Mia Morgan

Traditional Histopathology of Breast Cancer

Wen Ng and Sarah E. Pinder

The Management of B3 Lesions

Wen Ng and Sarah E. Pinder

The Management of Phyllodes

Manish Kothari and Rahul Deb

The Management of Intraduct Papillomas

Manish Kothari and Rahul Deb

The Evolution of the MDT

Mark Sibbering and Brenda Muntean

Section II – First Treatment

Neo-Adjuvant Hormone Blockade

Amna Sheri

Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Judy King, Valerie Crolley, Alison Jones

Multifocal and Multicentric Disease

Zoe Winters and Adam Heetun

Wide Excision or Mastectomy

Meera Joshi, Pooja Padmanabhan, and Elizabeth Clayton

Mastectomy Plus or Minus Reconstruction

Farrokh Pakzad


The Mystery of DCIS

Arany Soosainathan & Mark Kissin

The Bigger Mystery of LCIS

Giles Cunnick and V Passi

Learning About Lobular

Elizabeth Sharp & Veronika Pronisceva

Anaesthesia and Analgesia

Tara Bolton & James Bennett

Day Case Surgery

Jo Marsden

The ERAS Nurse

Radhika Merh

Section III – Conversations about Conservation

Incision Planning and Operating on Difficult Areas

Ash Subramanian

Perforator Breast Flaps

Peter Barry and Tania de Silva

Oncoplastic Wide Excision

Alison Hunter-Smith and Richard Sutton

Section IV – Rebuilding the Breast

Timing of Reconstruction

Zoe Winters

The Effects of Radiotherapy on Reconstruction

Radhika Merh

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Jennifer Rusby and Rachel o’Connell

Sub-Pectoral Implants

Tracey Irvine, Noor Obeid and Carol Norman

Pre-Pectoral Implants

Soni Soumian and Mihir Chandarana

Latissimus Dorsi Flaps

Mark Kissin

Free Flaps

David Thomson and Alexandra Molina


Stacy Wardle, Riccardo Bonomi, I. Fabio Rapisarda, Lorna Cook, Dibendu Betal

Nipple Reconstruction

David Thomson and Alexandra Molina

Section V – Managing the Axilla: Less is More?

Management of the Axilla


Section VI – Oncology

Hormonal Blockade

Jenny Glendenning and Russell Burscombe


Raj Sinha


Shirin Namini

Complementary Alternative Medicine

Mark Kissen and Jessica Richards

Patterns of Recurrence

Jessica Gough, Samantha Forner, Sarah Hunter, Jennifer Glendenning

Locoregional Inoperable Recurrence

Jessica Gough, Samantha Forner, Sarah Hunter, Jennifer Glendenning

The Value of Radiology from Diagnosis to Distant Relapse

Steve Allen and Emily Daulton

Palliative Care

Luci Cook and Farida Malik

Section VII – Tomorrow’s World

Predictive Assays and New Taxonomy

Wen Ng and Sarah Pinder

Modern Pathology

Wen Ng and Sarah Pinder

Breast Cancer Genetics

Julian Barwell and Maurice Dungey

Technical Innovations

Edward St John, Rachel O’Connell & Daniel Leff

Advances in Radiology

Jiyon Lee

Advances in Oncology

Vasileios Angelis and Catherine Harper-Wynne

Future Roles of the Breast Nurse

Claire Ryan

Section VIII – Survivorship

To Follow-Up or not to Follow Up: That is the Question

Ash Subramanian and Mark Kissin

Modifiable Risk Factors

Adam Heetun, Ellen Copson, Ramsey Cutress


Tania de Silva

Long Term Implications of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Van Sim, Samantha Forner, Jennifer Glendenning


Psychological Effects of Oncoplastic Surgery

Diana Harcourt


Section IX – The Difficult Scenario

Young and Pregnant Women

David Bloomfield and Mariana Velasco Bloomfield

Fertility Issues

David Bloomfield and Mariana Velasco Bloomfield

The BRCA Positive Patient

Andrew Baildam

Risk Reducing Mastectomy

Ross Kenny

The Older Woman

Richard Simcock

Male Breast Cancer

Ian S. Fentiman


Section X – The Principles of Cosmetic Breast Surgery


Marc Pacifico


Marc Pacifico

Reduction and Mastopexy

Alison Hunter-Smith and Anne Tansley


Ian S. Fentiman

Section XI – Maintaining Good Practice

Probity and Professional Standards

Ashu Gandhi

Dealing with Complaints

Tim Davidson

Collecting Data and Statistics

Dee Daly

Getting It Right First Time

Tracey Irvine, Carol Norman, and Noor Obeid

Social Media for the Breast

Adam Heetun

3D Modelling for Aesthetics

Frederico Roldao and Alejandro Maciel, Jesús F Escrivá-Machado, Terri Coutee, Ash Subramanian

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cliona Kirwan and Rajiv Dave