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Optical Methods for Managing the Diabetic Foot 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032463513
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This book discusses optical technologies for Diabetic Foot management. It combines the current medical literature review with an overview of the technology and physics behind it. Thus, it is a single source intro to the topic. It also can be used as a reference source and practical guide for the use of technology. The particular focus is on low-cost technologies, including hyperspectral imaging, thermography, and endogenous bacterial fluorescence. Moving diagnostic modalities closer to the patient (e.g., primary care) allows the disease to be detected at an earlier stage, thus improving outcomes. However, while some optical technologies are available commercially, they have not received wide clinical adoption due to gaps in knowledge translation to mainstream medicine. This book aims to narrow this gap with practical illustrations. The book will be of interest to a broad range of healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, engineers, and decision-makers, who are dealing with complications of diabetes.

Key Features:

  • Reviews the current state of technologies
  • Provides a practical guide with practical considerations and illustrations
  • Supplies a 360-degree view of the combination of clinical information with a technology background and primers on physics and engineering


Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: Pathophysiology of Diabetic Foot. Chapter 3: Current Diagnostic Methods. Chapter 4: Anatomic Imaging. Chapter 5: Optical Diagnostic Techniques. Chapter 6: Therapeutic Approaches. Chapter 7: Future Directions. Appendix A: Skin and Wound Morphology. Appendix B: Bio Optics Primer. Appendix C: Physiological Imaging: Design Considerations. Appendix D: Artificial Intelligence.