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Orphan Lung Diseases. A Clinical Guide to Rare Lung Disease

ISBN: 9783031129520
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The second edition comprehensively reviews the wide field of rare pulmonary diseases. Issues such as less common diseases affecting the airways, systematic disorders with lung involvement, interstitial lung diseases, and many other orphan conditions of the lungs are explored in this book. The progress and advances made in the field and the limited number of patients presenting each condition makes it very difficult for clinicians to be up-to-date in this field. Readers will discover how to diagnose and manage these rare orphan diseases. Orphan Lung Diseases: A Clinical Guide to Rare Lung Disease  is a practical, informative book written by a team of international authors with much experience in rare pulmonary diseases


Orphan Lung Diseases: A Clinical Guide to Rare Lung Disease, second edition provides synthesized and easily accessible information about the main orphan lung diseases, to aid clinicians in charge of patients with rare disease, or who consider the diagnosis of a rare disease in their patient. It is a practical, informative guide written by a team of international experienced authors in rare pulmonary diseases.