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Principles and Practice

ISBN: 9781405187473
ISBN: 9781405187473

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Principles and Practice

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This latest addition to the Dental Update books series provides a clear and thorough guide to contemporary orthodontic principles and practice. Written as a highly practical clinical manual, it covers patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning of both standard class malocclusions and specific entities such as impacted teeth, digit sucking habits and asymmetries, as well as appliance techniques, complex and multidisciplinary care, and retention.

Orthodontics: Principles and Practice is written by a range of international specialists in the field. It is an essential guide to the subject for dentists seeking to improve their knowledge of orthodontics, as well as dentistry students and trainee orthodontists.

Key features

? Covers the full process of orthodontic treatment from initial patient assessment to post-treatment stability
? Provides up to date, evidence based and clinically relevant information
? Presented in a clear practical format for use as a clinical manual
? Written by international orthodontic specialists
? Highly illustrated in full colour throughout


Contributors viii

Preface xi

Dedication xii

1. Growth and Development 1

1. An Introduction to Human Craniofacial Growth and Development 3
Donald H. Enlow, Mark G. Hans and Manish Valiathan

2. Development of the Dentition 17
Gavin J. Mack

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 27

3. Aetiology of Malocclusion 29
David R. Bearn and Peter A. Mossey

4. Patient Assessment 37
Daljit S. Gill

5. Facial Aesthetics: Historical and Theoretical Considerations 46
Farhad B. Naini

6. Smile Analysis 55
Daljit S. Gill

7. The Psychology of Facial Appearance 61
Susan J. Cunningham

8. Orthodontic Records 67
Jonathan Sandler and Alison Murray

9. Cephalometric Analysis 78
Daniel Burford and Stephen L. Newell

10. Space Planning for the Dentition (Space Analysis) 88
Robert Lee and Robert Kirschen

11. The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need 99
Nigel Fox

12. Principles of Orthodontic Treatment Planning 106
Robert A.C. Chate

13. Orthodontically Related Root Resorption 117
M. Ali Darendeliler and Lam L. Cheng

14. The Dento-legal and Ethical Aspects of Orthodontic Treatment 139
Kevin Lewis

3. The Management of Malocclusion 149

15. Class I Malocclusion 151
James McDonald and Niall J.P. McGuinness

16. Class II Division 1 Malocclusion 159
Howard Moseley

17. Class II Division 2 Malocclusion 166
Declan Millett

18. Class III Malocclusion 174
Grant T. McIntyre

19. Facial Asymmetry 182
Daljit S. Gill

20. Interceptive Orthodontics 189
Joseph Noar

21. Impacted Teeth and Their Orthodontic Management 204
Adrian Becker and Stella Chaushu

22. Anterior Open Bite Malocclusion 217
Daniel Burford

23. Deep Overbite Malocclusion 224
Farhad B. Naini

24. Hypodontia 238
Daljit S. Gill

25. Orthognathic Management 245
Nigel Hunt and Daljit S. Gill

26. The Multidisciplinary Management of Cleft Lip and Palate Deformity 254
Norman John Hay

27. The Multidisciplinary Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea 263
Ama Johal

4. Appliance Techniques 271

28. Biological Responses During Orthodontic Tooth Movement 273
Jonathan R. Sandy and Anthony Ireland

29. Orthodontic Anchorage 282
Philip E. Benson

30. Orthodontic Bone Anchorage 287
Richard R.J. Cousley

31. The Straight Wire Appliance 294
Shamique Ismail

32. Self-ligating Brackets 300
Nigel W.T. Harradine

33. The Tip-Edge Appliance 308
Richard Parkhouse

34. Clear Aligners 318
Timothy T. Wheeler and Leandra Dopazo

35. Functional Appliances 325
Urban Hagg and Ricky W.K. Wong

36. Lingual Appliance Techniques 330
Dirk Wiechmann and Sarah Hepburn

37. Stability and Retention 348
Simon J. Littlewood

Index 355