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Oxford Clinical Guidelines: Newly Qualified Doctor

Oxford Clinical Guidelines
ISBN: 9780198834502
ISBN: 9780198834502
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Oxford Clinical Guidelines

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Medical practice in the modern age requires familiarity with clinical guidelines and standards, which are often published separately in long and discursive documents. This new addition to the Oxford Medical Publications summarises the key clinical practice guidelines which all final year medical students and Foundation Year 1 and 2 doctors should know when managing common conditions. Logically organised by medical specialty, the reader can quickly familiarise themselves with the key principles of diagnosis and management at the appropriate level for beginning a new rotation on the wards.

Each guideline summary is tailored to the education level expected of doctors in their first two years of training, with clear instructions for when a more senior colleague should be called upon to help. Written by a team of junior doctors under the supervision of senior clinicians, this is the first resource to distil a range of guidelines from different locations (such as NICE, SIGN, and more) into an easily digestible format.

Practical and user-friendly, with tables, diagrams, flowcharts, and algorithms to convey the key points quickly and easily, Oxford Clinical Guidelines is the new invaluable resource for every final year medical student and doctor at the beginning of their training.

  • Digestible yet comprehensive authoritative summary of current clinical guidance for use by the foundation year doctor and final year medical students
  • Draws together the key clinical information from over 120 guidelines in one easy A to Z reference
  • Tailored by specialty, clinical level, and disease to answer the question ‘what do I do now?’


Part 1 Cardiology:, Benjamin Bussman, Liora Wittner, Emily Yeung, Rebecca Webb-Mitchell
1:Acute coronary syndromes
2:Acute heart failure
3:Aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation
4:Atrial fibrillation
5:Chronic heart failure
7:Pericardial diseases
8:Stable angina
9:Transient loss of consciousness
Part 2 Care of the elderly:, Elizabeth Tan, Stephanie Choo
13:Hip fractures
Part 3 Endocrinology:, David Fisher, Sabrina Ahmed, Tom Owens, Nicola West, Laura Brodie, James Andren, Alison Hare, Ben Coombs, Vanessa Jessop, Adam Maxwell
14:Adrenal insufficiency
15:Diabetic ketoacidosis
18:Hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar syndrome
25:Type 1 diabetes
26:Type 2 diabetes and diabetic foot problems
Part 4 Gastrointestinal:, John Creamer, David Fisher, Prabhsimran Singh
27:Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and variceal bleeding
28:Coeliac disease
29:Crohn s disease
30:Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and dyspepsia
31:Irritable bowel syndrome
32:Ulcerative colitis
Part 5 Hepatobiliary:, Tom Owens, Catharine Pearce, Vanessa Jessop, John Creamer
33:Acute liver failure
34:Alcohol-related liver disease
35:Alcohol use disorders
36:Liver cirrhosis
Part 6 Mental health:, Sarah Orr, George Blanchard, Thomas McCabe
37:Bipolar disorder
39:Eating disorders
40:Generalized anxiety disorder
41:Panic disorder
42:Post-traumatic stress disorder
43:Psychosis and schizophrenia
45:Violence and aggression
Part 7 Nephrology:, Mohammed Al-Talib, Catharine Pearce, Nicola West
46:Acute kidney injury
47:Chronic kidney disease
Part 8 Neurology:, Angharad Everden, Bina Patel, Catharine Pearce, Ann Maria Albert, Nicola West, Stephanie Choo
49:Acute encephalitis
53:Metastatic spinal cord compression
54:Neuropathic pain
55:Parkinson s disease
56:Stroke and transient ischaemic attack
Part 9 Obstetrics and gynaecology:, Emma Shephard, Georgina Clark, Yasmin Smith, Harriet Gardner
57:Antenatal care
58:Antepartum haemorrhage
59:Diabetes in pregnancy
60:Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage
61:Hypertension in pregnancy
62:Intrapartum care
63:Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
64:Pelvic organ prolapse in women
65:Postpartum haemorrhage
66:Sepsis in and following pregnancy
67:Thrombosis and embolism during pregnancy and the postnatal period
68:Urinary incontinence in women
Part 10 Paediatrics:, Clemency Nye, Liora Wittner, Samantha Williamson, Shervin Poladi, Ann Maria Albert
69:Child maltreatment
70:Fever in under 5s
71:Neonatal infections
72:Paediatric asthma
73:Paediatric bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia
74:Paediatric bronchiolitis
75 :Paediatric diabetic ketoacidosis
76:Paediatric gastroenteritis
77:Paediatric type 1 diabetes
78:Paediatric urinary tract infections
Part 11 Respiratory:, Angharad Everden, Matthew Sutton
79:Acute oxygen therapy
81:Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
82:Pleural effusion
Part 12 Rheumatology and musculoskeletal:, Liora Wittner, Laura Brodie, Adam Maxwell, Clemency Nye, Harriet Blundell, Alison Hare
84:Giant cell arteritis
86:Hot swollen joint
87:Low back pain and sciatica
89:Polymyalgia rheumatica
90:Rheumatoid arthritis
Part 13 Surgery:, Darryl Bernstein
92:Preoperative care
93:Postoperative care
Part 14 Miscellaneous:, Mohammed Al-Talib, Liora Wittner, James Andren, Gabriella Bathgate, Harriet Blundell
94:Blood transfusion
95:Care of dying patients in the last days of life
96:Intravenous fluid therapy
97:Lower urinary tract symptoms in men
98:Venous thromboembolic diseases
Part 15 Cancer guidelines:, Dinta Thakkar, Yasmin Smith, Mohammed Al-Talib, Clemency Nye, Elizabeth Tan, Ben Coombs, Ashwini Virgincar, Adam Maxwell, Gabriella Bathgate
100:Brain and central nervous system cancers
101:Breast cancer
102:Childhood cancers
103:Gynaecological cancers
104:Haematological cancers
105:Head and neck cancers
106:Lower gastrointestinal cancers
107:Lung cancer
109:Skin cancers
110:Upper gastrointestinal cancers
111:Urological cancers
Part 16 Professional guidelines:, Thomas McCabe, Vanessa Jessop, Gabriella Bathgate, Harriet Blundell
112:Capacity and consent
113 Confidentiality:
115:Fitness to drive
Part 17 Resuscitation:, Tom Owens, Laura Brodie, Ashwini Virgincar, James Andren, Alison Hare, Sabrina Ahmed, Ben Coombs, Benjamin Bussman
116:Advanced life support
117:Anaphylaxis and drug allergy
120:Major trauma
121:Neutropenic sepsis