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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

ISBN: 9780198735823

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180x100mm, Flexicover

Complementing the guidelines in the British National Formulary, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy remains the indispensable guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information needed for practising and student pharmacists. It presents handy practical guidance in a quick-reference, bullet-point format to give the reader the knowledge and confidence needed to provide a clinical pharmacy service.

Including key information on controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, interactions, communication skills, and confidentiality, this extensively revised addition to the bestselling Oxford Handbook series is the fundamental pharmacy reference tool. It features chapters on adherence, anaphylaxis, clinical trials, herbal medicines, palliative care, patient management, pharmaceutical calculations, research, policy, and therapy related issues.

Thoroughly revised and updated, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy includes brand new topics, including content on health coaching, residency and on-call, HIV and TB and mental health.

  • Provides practical, quick-reference information in a bullet-point format ideal for daily use by pharmacists
  • Complements the British National Formulary
  • Contains vital guidelines on how to provide a clinical pharmacy service
  • Includes key information on controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, pharmacogenetics, symptom management, clinical pharmacy skills and palliative care

New to this Edition:

  • Extensively revised and updated with current guidelines, references and further reading
  • Covers a range of new content, including topics such as HIV and TB, mental health, ophthalmology, health coaching, residency and on call and applications to formulary committees
  • New topics aimed at community pharmacists