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Oxford Handbook of Neonatology

ISBN: 9780198703952

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180x100mm, Flexicover

Now in its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Neonatology is the essential user-friendly guide for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of newborns. Accessible, practical, and updated with the latest evidence, this is a key resource designed for use at the cot-side.

Using guidance from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and including the most up to date NICE guidelines, the second edition of this handbook uses extensive diagrams and an easy-to-use format to cover good communication practice, neonatal emergencies and technical procedures. Fully updated and revised with expanded sections covering therapeutic hypothermia and developmental care amongst other advances in the field, the Oxford Handbook of Neonatology is a valuable and up-to-date guide to a rapidly evolving field.

Taking a valuable family-centred approach to neonatal care, this is the essential resource for all healthcare professionals working with newborns, from the undergraduate medical student to the doctor on the ward.

  • Fully revised and updated, with expanded sections covering advances and new evidence in neonatology
  • Delivers rapidly accessible and practical advice to the clinician in a user-friendly and convenient format which can be applied at the cot-side
  • Includes content aligned to the curriculum and competencies for undergraduate and postgraduate Paediatric training in the U.K.
  • Provides information on neonatal emergencies, good communication practice, common problems encountered on the ward, and procedures
  • Written using all available evidence, and covers guidance from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and other relevant bodies
  • Features diagrams, tables, and photos to support the text

New to this Edition:

  • Comprehensive update including a brand new Endocrinology chapter
  • All sections reviewed and revised to include recent advances
  • Includes an expanded section on therapeutic hypothermia
  • Updated guidelines, including NICE, ensures that text is up-to-date and in-line with current best practice in neonatology


1: Antenatal care, obstetrics and fetal medicine
2: Management at birth and routine postnatal care
3: Problems on the postnatal ward
4: Admission, discharge, and outcome
5: Fluids and electrolytes
6: Nutrition
7: Respiratory problems
8: Respiratory support
9: Cardiovascular support
10: Gastroenterological problems
11: Neurological problems
12: Infection
13: Metabolic problems and jaundice
14: Haematological problems
15: Nephrological and urological problems
16: Endocrine problems
17: Iatrogenic problems
18: Neonatal transport
19: Family support and ethics
20: Practical procedures
21: Normal values, therapeutic drug levels, and useful formulae