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Oxford Handbook of Women’s Health Nursing Second Edition

Oxford Handbooks in Nursing
ISBN: 9780198842248
ISBN: 9780198842248
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Oxford Handbooks in Nursing

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Expert nursing care is vital to women’s health, and successful gynaecological treatment relies on a good partnership between the woman and the health professional. Fully updated for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Women’s Health Nursing is a vital tool in helping practitioners assist women in making informed choices and keeping up-to-date with changes to the field. Written with a focus on multi-disciplinary integrated care systems and a greater emphasis on prevention and patient autonomy, this new edition incorporates the most recent evidence-based guidelines and developments in nursing roles and contraceptive methods.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of a team of clinical experts, this handbook provides clear, practical information on all aspects of women’s health nursing from the community to the hospital setting.

  • Fully updated to reflect new principles, evidence-based guidelines, and areas of practice of women’s health care
  • Places an emphasis on prevention and patient autonomy
  • Greater focus on the multi-disciplinary team and providing a holistic approach to women’s health

New to this Edition:

  • Includes information on novel methods of contraception and medical treatment of gynaecological issues
  • Greater focus on the multi-disciplinary team and providing a holistic approach to women’s health
  • Content is aligned with the latest evidence-based guidelines


1:Introduction, Debra Holloway
2:Nurse’s impact on care, role, training, and career pathway, Debra Holloway
3:The basics, Sunanda Gupta, Debra Holloway, and Jenny Chrimes
4:Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, Brianna Cloke
5:Menstrual and bleeding disorders, Katherine Gale, Ali Kubba, and Debra Holloway
6:Hormone and endocrine disorders, Ali Kubba, Sunanda Gupta, and Nikki Noble
7:Other disorders of women’s health, Katherine Gale, Claudia Tye, Ali Kubba, and Sunanda Gupta
8:Sexual health, Victoria Mckenzie, Leila Frodsham, and Debra Holloway
9:Menopause, Debra Holloway
10:Bladder, Ellie Stewart
11:Gynaecological oncology, Cathy Hughes
12:Nursing care of the gynaecological patient in hospital, Jenny Chrimes
13:Contraception, Shelley Raine
14:Unwanted fertility, Joanne Fletcher
15: Care of the woman in early pregnancy problems, Fiona Phillips
16:Care of the patient in emergency gynaecology units, Fiona Phillips
17:Fertility and subfertility, Alice Denga
18:Colposcopy, Aggie Jokhan, Joyce Aburam, Emma Sinfield, and Debra Holloway
19:Breast, Ali Kubba
20:Lifestyle issues, Sunanda Gupta