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Paediatric Handbook, 10th Edition

ISBN: 9781119647072
ISBN: 9781119647072

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The Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne Paediatric Handbook is a trusted guide to managing common and serious childhood illnesses and disorders. This bestselling resource provides students and practitioners across medical, nursing, and allied health fields with authoritative and up-to-date information on a comprehensive range of paediatric topics, enabling readers to make the appropriate decisions at the point of care.

Now in its tenth edition, the Handbook features clear illustrations and evidence-based diagnostic and management algorithms throughout, covering resuscitation and medical emergencies, prescribing and therapeutics, medicine, surgery, procedures, and much more.

  • Contains accessible summaries of common and serious paediatric illnesses and disorders
  • Aligns with latest clinical practice guidelines
  • Features numerous full-colour photos, illustrations, diagrams, and clinical images
  • Provides practical guidance on professional ethics and communication in paediatric consultations
  • Includes updated information on refugee health and trans and gender diverse health

Paediatric Handbook is an invaluable reference for medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals, as well as students and trainees.