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Paediatric Neuroanaesthesia

ISBN: 9780199479658
ISBN: 9780199479658

Ημ. Έκδοσης






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Paediatric patients with neurological problems are a special population. Managing these patients requires special anaesthetic considerations and a detailed book is much needed. This book is a comprehensive reference book and includes topics ranging from basic sciences (neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuropharmacology) to special situations such as brain death, ethical issues, and palliative care. Besides the chapters dealing with various neurological surgical problems, there is a dedicated section on common procedures performed on paediatric patients in the operation theatre and ICUs, such as insertion of venous cannula, arterial line, central line, etc., all of which are challenging. This section is supported by tutorial videos. The fact that basic sciences are included along with clinical sciences makes it unique and helpful for the readers.




1: Introduction to Pediatric Neuroanesthesia
2: Neuroanatomy
3: Neurophysiology
4: Neuropharmacology
5: Pre-anaesthetic evaluation of neurosurgical paediatric patient
6: Neurosurgery
6.1: Supratentorial lesions
6.2: Posterior fossa lesions
6.3: Epilepsy surgery
6.4: Cerebrovascular diseases
6.5: Neuroendocrine lesions
6.6: Spinal surgery
6.7: Neuroendoscopy
6.8: Functional neurosurgery
7: Neuromonitoring
8: Positions in neurosurgery
9: Neuroradiology
10: Neurotrauma
11: Neurointensive care
12: Special considerations
12.1: Hydrocephalus
12.2: Co-existing cardiac problems
12.3: Neuromuscular diseases
12.4: Cranio-facial abnormalities
12.5: Uncommon conditions
13: Fluids and Electrolyte management
13.1: Fluids and electrolyte management
13.2: Massive blood loss and transfusion
14: Pain management-Acute Perioperative and chronic pain management
15: Palliative care, QOL and Health related issues
16: Brain death and Ethical issues
17: Recent Advances
17.1: Paediatric neuroanaesthesia
17.2: Transesophageal echocardiography
18: Clinical Procedures
18.1: Venous cannulation
18.2: Central venous cannulation
18.3: Arterial cannulation
18.4: ICP catheter insertion
18.5: Jugular venous oximetry
18.6: Lumbar drain insertion
18.7: Tracheostomy
Appendix: Scales and Scores