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Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

ISBN: 9780199687060
ISBN: 9780199687060

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  • Deals with common problems faced by all paediatricians everyday as well as the rare conditions seen by specialists in the field
  • Divided neatly into sections that cover the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of respiratory problems
  • Provides useful content for various exams and training in the field

New to this edition

  • Thoroughly updated and revised in line with developments in paediatric respiratory medicine since the first edition
  • Provides useful content for various exams and training in the field

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Second edition remains the first point of reference for those faced with treating acute or chronic respiratory problems. The handbook discusses the approach to clinical problems, specific conditions, supportive care and practical procedures, and includes vital appendices covering specific tests and statistics. Designed as a practical guide, it serves general and specialist paediatricians at both consultant and trainee level.

The book is divided into five parts. Part I provides a practical approach to acute and non-acute clinical problems. Part II provides detailed information about common and more rare clinical conditions. Part III provides useful information on supportive care, including for example, use of non-invasive ventilation and the care of a child with a tracheotomy. Part IV gives details on how to perform several practical procedures, such as ciliary brush biopsy, flexible bronchoscopy, and inserting a chest drain. The appendices provide information on lung function testing and tables of age-corrected normal values for several respiratory parameters.

Written by three consultants in paediatric respiratory medicine, their expertise in the subject provides all levels of paediatricians with practical guide on a subject that is increasingly relevant in paediatrics.

Readership: General paediatric and paediatric respiratory trainees, general paediatricians, consultants in paediatric respiratory medicine and specialist nurses