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Pathology of Glomerular Diseases Atlas of Clinical Case Studies

ISBN: 9789811914324
ISBN: 9789811914324
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This book provides clear understanding of morphological appearances of various glomerular lesions encountered in a wide range of diseases involving renal glomeruli. Chapters cover various diseases with each chapter including a brief text and multiple colored microphotographs depicting the distinctive morphological features of glomeruli as may be encountered in these diseases. It presents complete clinical history with thorough lab workup and other related investigations as considered essential for proper evaluation of the patient. The book provides systemic approach for proper diagnosis of the underlying disease condition in view of the clinical workup and renal biopsy assessment.
It provides visual understanding of the glomerular pathology that helps the consultant nephrologist to have a clear understanding of underlying renal disease thus helping in proper evaluation and appropriate therapeutic management of the patient. It may also guide to predict the likely prognostic outcome of the patient. This book is not only helpful to renal pathologists and nephrologists but also serves as a valuable resource for clear understanding of the glomerular lesions to the beginners and postgraduates in nephrology and renal pathology and other physicians managing the patients of renal diseases