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Pediatric Infectious Diseases


ISBN: 9781259861536

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23-28 ημέρες


The most practice-oriented guide to diagnosing and managing infectious diseases in children

Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Essentials for Practice, Second Edition is filled with practical, clinically relevant guidance for successful infectious disease management. The care of the patient forms the core of this indispensable resource, which also provides perspectives on epidemiology, pathophysiology, and diagnosis that every pediatrician, pediatric hospitalist, and pediatric nurse practitioner needs to know. The books high-yield coverage includes detailed, yet precise overviews of specific infections and their etiology, along with proven diagnostic and management strategies that readers can incorporate into their practice right away.


•Tips that tell you what you must know–and do–at every stage of care

•Diagnostic and treatment algorithms

•Signs/Symptoms and Differential Diagnosis boxes

•”When to Refer” boxes, which examine all the relevant clinical considerations

•Diagnostic Tests–with a realistic emphasis on the right tests to order

•Medical Treatment coverage that includes drugs, dosages, and administration in an easy-to-read tabular format

•Convenient icons and a templated chapter design

•Numerous clinical color photos and didactic diagrams

•NEW! Clinical Pearls boxes accompany coverage of each infectious disease

•Updated treatment guidelines and protocols from the CDC

If you are in need of an up-to-date, clinically relevant guide to treating infectious diseases in pediatric patients, your search ends here.

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Section 1Practical Aspects1Clinical
Microbiology2Clinical Virology3Active immunization, passive immunization
and chemoprophylaxis4Office infection control (daycare)5Hospital
infection control6Infectious Diseases EpidemiologySection 2Signs and Symptoms7Chronic Abdominal Pain8Ataxia9Dysuria10Headache11Joint Complaints12Neck pain13Rash 14Stridor15WheezingSection 3Infections of Organ SystemsPart ANeurologic Infections16Meningitis17Encephalitis18Transverse myelitis19Movement disordersPart BOphthalmologic Infections20Conjunctivitis in the neonate21Conjunctivitis in the older child22Periorbital and orbital infections23KeratitisPart COral Cavity and Neck Infections24Pharyngitis
and stomatitis25Peritonsillar and retropharyngeal abscess26Cervical
lymphadenitis27Gingival and Periodontal InfectionsPart DUpper Respiratory Infections28Otitis media29Otitis externa30Rhinosinusitis31CroupPart ELower Respiratory Infections32Bronchiolitis33Uncomplicated pneumonia34Complicated pneumonia35Recurrent pneumonia36Childhood tuberculosis Part FCardiac Infections37Endocarditis38Myocarditis and Pericarditis39Acute rheumatic feverPart GGastrointestinal Infections40Gastroenteritis41Hepatitis42Antibiotic-associated diarrheaPart HGenitourinary Infections43Urinary tract infections44Pelvic inflammatory diseases