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Pediatric Surgical Oncology 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780815348702
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A new, definitive, state-of-the-art reference in the specialist field of paediatric surgical oncology. Key points and informative guidance on all aspects of cancer surgery for children make this a vital textbook for the surgery resident, surgical oncology specialist, nursing staff and cancer health care teams. The editorial team of world experts and international guest authorship listings guarantees that the textbook content provides a definitive treatise for a global audience of pediatric surgeons.

Textbook coverage includes chapters on pediatric cancer epidemiology, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, pathology, radiology and vascular access, following which the main theme sections feature all of the major pediatric solid tumours in a system-based chronology. A section devoted to rare tumours provides useful and pragmatic information for the oncology surgeon. Minimally invasive surgery is covered highlighting current concepts and clinical outcome(s) by leading experts in the field. Nutritional considerations for the pediatric cancer patient undergoing surgery are all discussed. Management of surgical complications, fertility considerations and long-term outcomes are an invaluable vital resource for the reader. Final sections “look to the future” by focusing on surgical innovation, including key chapters on navigational surgery and surgical robotics.

• Includes all the latest developments in pediatric surgical oncology ensuring the reader is kept fully up to date.

• Multi-disciplinary content reflects current best practice.

• Comprehensive coverage provides a definitive reference guide.

An authoritative seminal reference work for surgical residents in training, surgeons working in the field of pediatric oncology, medical oncologists, intensive care specialists, nursing staff and allied health care professionals.



Editors Preface: Pediatric Surgical Oncology

Contributor List

1. Pediatric Cancer – An Overview

Akira Nakagawara

2. Epidemiology Pediatric Cancer

Charles Stiller

3. Molecular Biology and Genetics of Cancer

Tatsuro Tajiri and Mayumi Higashi

4. Principles of Chemotherapy

Sunita Dhir and Deborah A. Tweddle

5. Principles of Radiotherapy

Sarah Kelly and Mark Gaze

6. Immunological Aspects of Pediatric Cancer and Immunotherapy

Jeong A Park and Nai-Kong V. Cheung

7. Imaging Cancer

Srikishna Harave and Swathi Selvam

8. Tumor Biopsy – Practical Considerations for The Surgeon

Hemanshoo Thakka, Dhanya Mullassery, and Paul D. Losty

9. Pathology for Surgeons

Rajeev Shukla and Dr Srinivas Annavarapu

10. Vascular Access

Elizabeth O’Connor and Hany Gabra

11. Nutritional Support of the Pediatric Cancer Patient

Vicky Wong, Edwin Chan, and Kevin Liu

12. Tumor Board and the Surgeon

Sarah Braungart and Paul D. Losty

13. Principles of Cancer Surgery / Operations for Cancer

Hind Zaidan and Martin Corbally

14. Tumors of the Head and Neck

Naonori Kawakubo and Tomoake Taguchi

15. Mediastinum, Lung, and Chest Wall Tumors

Andrew J. Murphy, Lindsay Talbot, and Andrew M. Davidoff

16. Hodgkin Disease and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma(s)

Peter Ehrlich

17. Benign and Malignant Liver Tumors in Children

Daniel C. Aronson and Rebecka L. Meyers

18. Pediatric Gastrointestinal Tumors

Jaime Shalkow, Ryo Tamura, Hany Gabra, and Paul D Losty

19. Pancreatic Neoplasms

Pablo Laje and N. Scott Adzick

20. Renal Tumors

Jorg Fuchs and Steven W. Warmann

21. Neuroblastoma and Adrenal Neoplasms

Andrew Davidoff, Jed Nuchtern, and Mike LaQuaglia

22. Rhabdomyosarcoma

Lilly Bayouth, Roshni Dasgupta, and David Rodeberg

23. Non-Rhabdoid Soft Tissue Tumors

Irene Isabel P Lim, David Rodeberg, and Roshni Dasgupta

24. Tumors of the Ovary

C. Capito, L. Galmiche-Roland, B. Fresneau, D. Orbach, and S. Sarnacki

25. Testicular Tumors

Yoshiaki Kinoshita and Tomoake Taguchi

26. Teratomas and Other Germ Cell Neoplasms

Katherine Burnand, Dhanya Mullassery, and Paul D. Losty

27. Melanoma and Skin Cancer(s)

Andrea Hayes Jordan, Gideon Sandler, and Jennifer H. Aldrink

28. Central Nervous System Tumors

Conor Gillespie and Benedetta Pettorini

29. Bone Tumors

Lor Randall and John Groundland

30. Rare Tumors

Hany Gabra, Ryo Tamura, and Jaime Shalkow

31. Minimally Invasive Surgery

Jorg Fuchs and Steve Warmann

32. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Sami Ramadan and Adel Fattah

33. Fertility Considerations and the Pediatric Cancer Patient

Carmen Capito, Camelia Labiad, Sylvie Helfre, Stephanie Bolle, Michaël Grynberg, and Sabine Sarnacki

34. Pediatric Surgical Oncology in Developing Countries

Jaime Shalkow and Simone Abib

35. Surgical Management of Pediatric Oncological Emergencies

Simone Abib and Jaime Shalkow

36. Late Effects

Antti I. Koivusalo and Kirsi Jahnukainen

37. Palliative Care and Pain Management

Alessandro Inserra and Alessandro Crocoli

38. Palliative Care: Surgical Considerations

Alessandro Inserra and Alessandro Crocoli

39. Future Therapies and Challenges in Pediatric Oncology

Tatsuo Kuroda

40. Evidence-Based Pediatric Surgical Oncology

Ampaipan Boonthai and Paul D. Losty

41. Pediatric Endocrine Tumors

C. Capito, P. Lopez, M. Polak, L. Brugières, L. Galmiche-Roland, and S. Sarnacki

42. Robotic Pediatric Surgical Oncology

Thomas Blanc and Sabine Sarnacki

43. Robotic Pediatric Surgery

Thomas Blanc and Sabine Sarnacki