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Peripheral Nerve Issues after Orthopedic Surgery. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Prevention, Evaluation and Treatment

ISBN: 9783030844301
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Peripheral nerve issues are potential sequalae of orthopedic surgery, even after cases in which technically excellent surgery was performed. These injuries can impede the expected recovery of function after the primary surgery. Given the manifold challenges associated with recovery of peripheral nerve injuries, this book is designed as a multidisciplinary guide to the diagnosis, prognostication and treatment of peripheral nerve issues after common orthopedic surgeries.

Beginning with an overview of nerve compression, injury and regeneration, as well as a presentation of the current diagnostic and imaging modalities for peripheral nerve injuries, this unique text is organized by anatomic region and by type of procedure performed. Topics covered include shoulder and elbow arthroplasty and arthroscopy, fractures of the hand and wrist, hip preservation surgery, total knee replacement, open surgery of the foot and ankle, lumbosacral myeloradiculopathy, and more. Each chapter is authored by both a subspecialty surgeon who routinely performs the surgeries described and a subspecialized hand/peripheral nerve surgeon with experience in evaluating and treating nerve issues after that particular injury. Emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary team approaches, patient counseling, and technical aspects of surgical treatment.

Generously illustrated and written by experts in the field, Peripheral Nerve Issues after Orthopedic Surgery is a truly interdisciplinary resource for orthopedic, plastic, hand and trauma surgeons, physiatrists, trainees, and all professionals evaluating and managing postoperative peripheral nerve issues.