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Photographic Atlas of Anatomy 9e Lippincott Connect International Edition Print Book and Digital Access Card Package Ninth edition

ISBN: 9781975229931
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Paperback + Digital Access Card Package


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Bundled with Lippincott® Connect, Photographic Atlas of Anatomy is more informative and approachable than ever. By using multimedia content and customizable assignments, this edition strengthens comprehension and prepares you for success in your course.

Photographic Atlas of Anatomy features outstanding full-color photographs of actual cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images, to help students develop an unparalleled mastery of human anatomy with ease. Depicting anatomic structures more realistically than illustrations in traditional atlases, this proven resource shows students exactly what they will see in the dissection lab. Chapters are organized by region in the order of a typical dissection, with each chapter presenting regional anatomical structures in a systematic manner.

This updated 9th edition includes revised content throughout and features additional cadaver dissection photos, medical imaging, and clinical illustrations, as well as a new appendix with learning resources that strengthen students’ understanding of the vascular, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous systems.

Lippincott® Connect enhances your student experience in an all-in-one learning solution combining an interactive eBook, multimedia content, and assessment. Instructors can customize the course, create assignments, and track your progress. Students maximize efficiency through valuable feedback and remediation. Key performance insights are reported in a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to tailor your learning experiences.

  • UPDATED! Chapters organized by region guide you through the order of a typical dissection.
  • NEW! Appendix with learning resources reinforces your understanding of the vascular, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous systems.
  • More than 1,200 full-color dissection photos, medical imaging, and clinical illustrations —all new or updated— depict key anatomical distinctions and functional connections as seen in the dissection lab.
  • Authentic photographic reproduction of colors, structures, and spatial dimensions familiarize you with the human anatomy as seen in the dissection lab and on the operating table.
  • Functional connections between single organs, the surrounding tissue, and organ systems are clarified to help you prepare for the dissection lab and practical exams.
  • Dissections illustrate the regional anatomy in layers “from the outside in” to prepare you for the lab and operating room.
  • Clinical comments strengthen your understanding and clinical readiness.