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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

ISBN: 9780198784784
ISBN: 9780198784784

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has been designed to provide succinct information to plastic surgeons of all levels of experience and trainees in partner specialties. The layout is contemporary with the concise information laid out in a readable style. There are descriptions of important operations and techniques with space to add the readers own notes. It provides an up-to-date record of current practice for each reader in a compact and easily transportable format. Uniquely for this class of book there are over one hundred and fifty illustrations conveying key anatomical points and operative detail. This is ideal either as a refresher or to revise essential facts.

For medical students with a short attachment to, and junior doctors in, plastic surgery, this book will provide all the information they will need to know, including all relevant aspects related to the surgical syllabus on which they may be examined. In addition there is practical information on the emergency care of plastic surgery and burns patients. There is comprehensive advice for the ward management of patients both pre- and post- surgery.

For a specialist trainee, the book acts as the ideal revision text, covering the whole field of plastic surgery. It has been designed to act as a summary of the important points examined in the plastic surgery FRCS exam.

For a consultant there are easily accessible facts, particularly on staging and survival data, which allows them to keep abreast of the current level of knowledge of their juniors. There are enlarged sections on hand surgery and lower limb trauma, relevant to all orthopaedic trainees. The flap section is also expanded and relevant to a variety of specialties.

  • Provides all necessary information for those undertaking the FRCS exam, and is useful for consultants to keep abreast of the information used by their juniors
  • Contains over 150 high quality surgical drawings with key anatomical points and operative detail
  • Contains extended sections on hand surgery, lower limb trauma and flaps
  • Based on the published UK syllabus in plastic surgery
  • Includes staging and survival information


1: Plastic surgery science
2: Embryology
3: Anatomy and clinical assessment
4: Drugs and tools
5: Congenital
6: Skin
7: Eyelid
8: Nose, ear, face, mouth
9: Head and neck
10: Chest
11: Abdomen and trunk
12: Upper limb
13: Lower limb
14: Vascular
15: Infection
16: Tumours
17: Trauma
18: Metabolic/endocrine/degenerative
19: Miscellaneous disorders
20: Aesthetic
21: Reconstruction
22: Flaps