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Practical Emergency Resuscitation and Critical Care 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781009055628
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A fully revised second edition of a practical, easy-to-read and evidence-based text to assist healthcare professionals in the approach to the unstable and critically ill patient. Divided into sections by clinical scenario, the book covers the essential topics most often encountered in the emergency department and intensive care unit. A collaborative project from critical care physicians across multiple different specialties, the text covers general critical care, trauma and end-of-life care as well as emergencies across the spectrum of acute care medicine. The portable format and bulleted content provides practitioners with instant access to the essential information necessary for the diagnosis and management of critical care patients. The book is detailed while remaining focused and succinct, building on the first edition with new infographics for quick review and retention of key concepts. It is an invaluable bedside resource for emergency medicine and critical care clinicians across the acute care medicine spectrum.

  • Offering easy-to-read and condensed evidence-based pearls on complex diseases, formatted and focused specifically for the busy clinician with bullet points and high yield facts
  • Featuring a new COVID-19 chapter with updated information on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic for the emergency medicine or critical care physician
  • Striking, colourful, and easily digestible infographics reinforce major topics for the busy student or clinician


Section 1:
1. Shock Kenneth R. L. Bernard
2. Airway management Amanda Doodlesack
3. Mechanical ventilation Jake Hoyne and Josh Kolikoff
4. Boarding ICU patient Robert Sherwin
Section 2:
5. Covid-19 John Rozehnal and Melissa Villars
6. Severe sepsis/septic shock Erica Chimelski
7. Pneumonia Navdeep Sekhon
8. Meningitis and encephalitis Chris Allison
9. Infective endocarditis Jason Block
10. Necrotizing soft tissue infection Jennifer Carnell
11. Complications of HIV/AIDS Zubaid Rafque
Section 3:
12. Ischemic strokes Joshua Joseph
13. Intracranial haemorrhage Matthew Wong
14. Status epilepticus Matthew Wong
15. Acute spinal cord compression Cristal Cristia
Section 4:
16. Post-cardiac arrest care Di Pan
17. Acute coronary syndrome Steven Rougas
18. Acute decompensated heart failure
19. Aortic dissection Brandon Maughan
20. Hypertensive emergencies Nadine Himelfarb
21. Valvular diseases Ermias Jirru
Section 5:
22. Acute respiratory distress syndrome Katie Dickerson
23. Upper airway emergencies Paul Ginart
24. Asthma Imikomobong Ibia
25. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Rmaah Memon
26. Massive hemoptysis Amar Deshwar
27. Pulmonary embolism Katie Oskar
Section 6:
28. Gastrointestinal bleeding Joel Moll
29. Abdominal aortic aneurysms Payal Modi
30. Fulminant hepatic failure Aqsa Shakoor and Danielle Walsh
31. Acute mesenteric ischemia Jeffrey Siegelman and Sothivin Lanh
32. The surgical abdomen Sarah Fisher
33. Abdominal compartment syndrome Sarah Fisher and Carla Haack
Section 7:
34. Acid-base interpretation Peter Czamecki
35. Common electrolyte disorders Christine Chan and John Arbo
36. Acute kidney injury and dialysis Adam Gottula
Section 8:
37. Reversal of anticoagulation Calvin Hwang
38. Disseminated intravascular coagulation, TTP, HUS Jai Madhok
39. Sickle cell emergencies Charles Lei
Section 9:
40. Diabetic ketoacidosis & HHS Benjamin Zabar
41. Thyroid storm Yves Duroseau
42. Adrenal crisis Daniel Rolston
Section 10:
43. Anaphylaxis David Convissar
44. Hyperthermia Amy Caggiula
45. Hypothermia Shan Modi
46. Overdoses Christopher Shaw
Section 11:
47. General trauma principles Benjamin Schnapp
48. Severe traumatic brain injury Jacob Isserman
49. Neck trauma Vishal Demla
50. Thoracic trauma Lauren Becker
51. Solid organ abdominal trauma Jayaram Chelluri
52. Severe pelvic trauma Jeff Pepin
53. Compartment syndrome/rhabdomyolysis Katrina Harper
54. Burns Aaron Surrey
Section 12:
55. Care of the dying patient Ashley Shreves.