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Practical Guide to Neck Dissection

Focusing on the Larynx

ISBN: 9783662500859
ISBN: 9783662500859

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Focusing on the Larynx

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  • Superbly illustrated manual on neck dissection that will serve as a roadmap for both advanced surgeons and beginners
  • Includes important new chapters covering microscopic anatomy of the larynx, patterns of spread of laryngeal cancer, and major laryngeal surgical procedures
  • Highlights core messages, take-home pearls, and methods to avoid complications

This is the second edition of a superbly illustrated manual on neck dissection that will serve as a roadmap for advanced surgeons and beginners alike. The reader is guided through the various cervical structures in a series of practical step-by-step chapters that depict the methods employed by surgeons operating in vivo. The illustrations provide an overview of all surgical anatomy relevant to the treatment of oncologic patients. In addition, core messages and take-home pearls are highlighted, and methods to avoid complications, explained. Compared with the first edition, revisions have been made when appropriate, and important new chapters have been added on microscopic anatomy of the larynx and patterns of spread of laryngeal cancer (written by Dr. Duilio Della Libera); endoscopy, imaging, and surgical options in laryngeal cancer; and major laryngeal surgical procedures, depicted with the aid of numerous photographs and line drawings.

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