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Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery

ISBN: 9781118360651
ISBN: 9781118360651

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Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Second Edition builds on the success of the first edition to provide the qualified and trainee periodontist with an essential guide to the clinical requirements and step-by-step procedures of periodontal plastic surgery.

  • Features additional clinical photographs to illustrate procedures
  • Brings together periodontal and plastic surgery expertise
  • Retains the popular step-by-step format for quick and clear reference


List of Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Chapter 1 Definition and Objectives of Periodontal Plastic Surgery 1
Serge Dibart, Mamdouh Karima and Drew Czernick

Chapter 2 Surgical Armamentarium, Sutures, Anesthesia, and Postoperative Management 4
Serge Dibart

Chapter 3 Introduction to Microsurgery and Training 8
Ming Fang Su and Yu-Chuan Pan

Chapter 4 Periodontal Microsurgery 13
James Belcher

Chapter 5 Free Gingival Autograft 21
Serge Dibart

Chapter 6 Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft 28
Serge Dibart and Mamdouh Karima

Chapter 7 Pedicle Grafts: Rotational Flaps and Double-Papilla Procedure 32
Serge Dibart and Mamdouh Karima

Chapter 8 Pedicle Grafts: Coronally Advanced Flaps 39
Ronaldo B. Santana and Serge Dibart

Chapter 9 Aesthetic and Morphometric Evaluation of the Periodontium 51
Ronaldo B. Santana

Chapter 10 Enamel Matrix Derivative: Emdogain 61
Ronaldo B. Santana and Serge Dibart

Chapter 11 Guided Tissue Regeneration 65
Serge Dibart

Chapter 12 Acellular Dermal Matrix Graft (AlloDerm) 69
Serge Dibart

Chapter 13 Labial Frenectomy Alone or in Combination with a Free Gingival Autograft 73
Serge Dibart and Mamdouh Karima

Chapter 14 Preprosthetic Ridge Augmentation: Hard and Soft 76
Serge Dibart and Luigi Montesani

Chapter 15 Exposure of Impacted Maxillary Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment 89
Serge Dibart and Lorenzo Montesani

Chapter 16 Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management 93
D.M. Diego Capri

Chapter 17 Improving Patients Smiles: Aesthetic Crown-Lengthening Procedure 138
Serge Dibart

Chapter 18 Introduction to Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetic Procedures 147
Bradford Towne

Chapter 19 Selection Criteria 156
Serge Dibart and Mamdouh Karima

Index 159