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Practical Periodontics

ISBN: 9780702043574
ISBN: 9780702043574

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Practical Periodontics comes with a website containing updates to the book; the interactive video programme ‘Assessing the Periodontium, by Peter Heasman and Philip Preshaw, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; over 400 MCQs (which can be used under test conditions or simply as practice); and case studies with detailed notes, referral letters, and educational videos.

Covering the essentials of periodontics in an accessible, easy-to-read manner, Practical Periodontics – an exciting new volume from Elsevier – examines all aspects of the speciality which range from the aetiology of periodontal disease through to diagnosis and treatment planning, non-surgical and surgical disease management and the interface of periodontics with other disciplines.

Fully referenced and evidence-based throughout, readers will learn about macro- and microanatomy, host-response and susceptibility, the role of biofilms and systemic and local risk factors. Classification and assessment and the relationship of periodontitis with systemic disease are also explored. Chapters also examine instrumentation, the use of antibiotics, the assessment of treatment outcomes and the use of supportive periodontal therapy.

Richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, each chapter of the book offers a set of clear learning objectives and contains useful ‘key point boxes to highlight essential facts, practical tips and common pitfalls. Prepared by experts of international renown, this brand new volume – which comes with an ASSOCIATED WEBSITE containing videos, self-assessment questions and case studies – will be ideal for all undergraduate students of dentistry, oral hygiene and therapy as well as practicing clinicians.



  • Written in an accessible, easy-to-read style to aid retention of facts
  • Chapter overviews, ‘learning objectives and key points boxes aid revision
  • Practical approach to the subject helps bring ‘learning to life
  • ASSOCIATED WEBSITE offers interactive questions, videos and case reports to aid exam preparation
  • Offers guidance regarding the management of children and young adults, as well as specialist referrals
  • Prepared by contributors of international renown
  • Discusses patient education – including self-care and oral hygiene methods
  • Full colour artwork program helps explain detailed processes such as complex immunological responses
  • Designed specifically to give students confidence when performing periodontal procedures
  • Explores the interaction of periodontology with other dental disciplines, including implant and orthodontic specialists
  • Suitable for all undergraduate students of dentistry, hygiene and therapy


Section 1: Aetiology of Periodontal Diseases

1.1 The macro- and micro-anatomy of periodontal tissues

1.2 The pathogenesis of periodontal diseases

1.3 Epidemiology of periodontal disease

1.4 Host response and susceptibility

1.5 The role of biofilms in health and disease

1.6 Periodontal risk – systemic and local risk factors


Section 2: Periodontal Diagnosis and Prognosis


2.1 Classification of periodontal diseases

2.2 Assessment and monitoring of a periodontal patient

2.3 Gingival overgrowth

2.4 Periodontitis and systemic diseases

2.5 Determining periodontal prognosis


Section 3: Periodontal Treatment Planning


3.1 Treatment planning – gingivitis and periodontitis

3.2 The management of gingival recession

3.3 Treatment planning: periodontal problems in children and young adults

3.4 Referral to a periodontal specialist


Section 4: The Role of Self Care and Oral Hygiene Methods


4.1 Patient education and self-performed biofilm control

4.2 Clinical imaging in patient assessment and motivation

4.3 Patient adherence


Section 5: Non-surgical Periodontal Management


5.1 The diseased root surface in periodontitis

5.2 Periodontal instrumentation

5.3 Antibiotics in the management of periodontal diseases

5.4 Assessment of treatment outcomes and supportive periodontal therapy


Section 6: Surgical Periodontal Therapy


6.1 Rationale for periodontal surgery


Section 7: Interaction with Other Dental Disciplines


7.1 The periodontal-restorative interface

7.2 The periodontal-orthodontic interface