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Precision Pathology of Cancer. From Basic Concept to Clinical Practice

ISBN: 9781032844862
ISBN: 9781032844862
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Precision pathology of cancer is a new frontier – a systemic diagnostic approach to provide specific therapeutic targets and genetic and metabolic information for the treatment of patients. Not only are cancers extremely diverse but there is also heterogenetic variation among patients with the same cancer; owing to differences in genetic makeup and metabolic levels, a drug may work in one patient but be toxic in another. This text covers both basic concepts (the role of the precision pathologist, ethical issues, molecular basis, tools used in precision pathology, and specimen procurement) and clinical practice (the precise genes/pathways, ongoing clinical trials, therapeutics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoproteomics, and pharmacometabolomics) in precision pathology of cancer.

  • Covers both the conceptual bases and the clinical applications
  • Enables pathologists, haematologists, and medical oncologists to apply Precision Pathology to their daily clinical practice
  • Covers the whole range of cancers in practical detail



List of contributors.

1. Precision Pathology – Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 2. The Role of Precision Pathologist – Maher Albitar and Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 3. Ethical Issues in Precision Pathology – Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 4. Molecular Basis of Precision Pathology – Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 5. Tools in Precision Pathology – Xia Li and Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 6. Specimen Acquisition – Xianfeng Frank Zhao and Guang Liu. 7. Skin Cancer – Benjamin K. Stoff, Zachary Wolner, and Rebecca Leibowitz. 8. Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors – Armita Bahrami. 9. Primary Central Nervous System Tumor – Mustafa Motiwala, Emal Lesha, Lawrence M. Pfeffer, Richard B. Hessler, Xianfeng F. Zhao, and Andrew B. Boucher. 10. Head and Neck Cancer – Doreen N. Palsgrove and Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 11. Lung Cancer – Xianfeng Frank Zhao, Jian Jing, and Shiyong Li. 12. Mesothelioma – Jian Jing. 13. Breast Cancer – Fresia Pareja, Fatemeh Derakhshan, and Dara Ross. 14. Gastrointestinal System Carcinomas – Wen-Yu Hsiao, Arron Sohn, Eunice Chou, Maria Diab, and Wei Zheng. 15. Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer – Zaid Mahdi and Haider A. Mejbel. 16. Urinary and Male Genital Tract Tumor – Lara Harik, Faisal Saeed, Sara Wobker, and Yingbei Chen. 17. Female Reproductive System Tumors – Krisztina Hanley, Jane L. Meisel, Gulisa Turashvili, and Sarah J. Wood. 18. Neuroendocrine Neoplasms – Xianfeng Frank Zhao. 19. Myeloid Neoplasms – George Deeb and Shiyong Li. 20. Lymphoid Neoplasms – Xianfeng Frank Zhao.