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Problem Based Learning in Dermatology

ISBN: 9781032571362
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This book presents 15 cases as studies in how to reach a diagnosis from a presenting patient. It covers 15 major topics in clinical dermatology as a succinct reference for dermatology clinicians in practice, also offering a concise revision guide for those in training, from medical students and resident physicians preparing for higher examinations to established physicians in their continuing professional development.

  • Covers essential points in clinical dermatology for practice and training or revision and review for boards or certification.
  • Presents a succinct resource for dermatologists, family physicians, and other professionals with an interest in problems of the skin, nails, and hair.
  • Offers a one-stop guide to 15 core topics.



List of Contributors.


1. Comedones and inflammatory papules on the face – Megan E. Freeze and Rima I. Ghamrawi.

2. Red gritty spots – Courtney E. Heron and Rima I. Ghamrawi.

3. Itchy red rash on elbows and back of knees – Amanda Krenitsky and Wendy Li.

4. Soft subcutaneous nodule with central dark punctum – Jalal Maghfour and Cristian C. Rivis.

5. Asymmetric brown to black variegated macule with irregular borders – Jarett Casale and Cristian C. Rivis.

6. Erythematous excoriated pruritic papules – Saira Khan and Cristian C. Rivis.

7. Hypopigmented coalescing oval shaped macules with fine scaling – Josiah Williams and Cristin C. Rivis.

8. Scaly annular lesions – Jessika Sanz and Aditi Chokshi.

9. Red and tan macules and patches – Isabella Dreyfuss and Cristian C. Rivis.

10. Patches of hair loss – Isabella Dreyfuss and Brooke W. Sligh.

11. Diffuse erythematous patches and plaques with mild lichenification – Varun K. Ranpariya and Cristian C. Rivis.

12. Itchy red spots on torso and arms – Veronica Emmerich and Sofia Pedroza.

13. Well-defined chalky white macules and patches – Roksana Hesari and Cristian C. Rivis.

14. Red scaly spots – Divya M. Shan.

15. Painful erythematous nodules – Aditi Chokshi.