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Promising Antiviral Herbal and Medicinal Plants

ISBN: 9781032358802
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With the prevalence of viral diseases causing significant health challenges and the emergence of highly infectious and difficult-to-treat conditions, such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B, there is a pressing need for effective antiviral treatments. Throughout history, viral infections have caused devastating pandemics, leading to widespread illness and mortality. Notable examples include the Black Death caused by Yersinia pestis and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. To address this ongoing threat, exploring the potential of herbal and medicinal plants as a source of antiviral compounds is crucial. Promising Antiviral Herbal and Medicinal Plants provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research in the field of antiviral properties of herbal and medicinal plants.


  • Compiles cutting-edge research on the antiviral properties of various plants, highlighting their potential therapeutic applications
  • Discusses various chemical components of the medicinal and herbal plants with the known bioactive constituents and their antiviral applications
  • Elaborates on medicinal and herbal plants’ opportunities and future direction for drug synthesis against various viral diseases

A volume in the Exploring Medicinal Plants series, this book is an essential resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and those interested in viral infections and their management.


Section One. Emerging Viral Diseases and Bioactive Compounds. Emerging Viral Diseases: A Global Challenge and Herbal Medicines. Medicinal Plants and Herbs’ Fortune for Antiviral Drug Discovery. Endophytic secondary Metabolites as a Novel Source for Antiviral Agents. Phytochemicals and Phytoessential Oils as Potent Antiviral Agents. Herbal or Poly-herbal Formulations in Various Viral Diseases. Section Two. RNA Viruses and Bioactive Compounds. Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Treatment of Dengue Virus. Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Viral Hepatitis. HIV/AIDS and Medicinal Plants/Herbs. Medicinal Plants/Herbs and Influenza Virus. Medicinal Plants/Herbs in Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Viral Pneumonia. Novel Coronavirus and Medicinal Plants/Herbs. Plant Viruses and Nanotechnology Approach to Combat Viral Pathogens. Section Three. DNA Viruses and Bioactive Compounds. Human Herpes Viruses and Medicinal Plants/Herbs. Rotavirus and Medicinal Plants/Herbs. Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Viral Meningitis. Section Four. Scope and Future Direction of Natural Antiviral Agents. Future Directions in Antiviral Potentials of Medicinal Plants. Clinical Antiviral Natural Products and Approved Drugs.