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Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Head and Neck Cancer Patients, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780323823944
ISBN: 9780323823944
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The management of malignant tumors associated with the maxilla, tongue, floor of the mouth, mandible, and adjacent structures represents a difficult challenge for the surgical specialist and prosthodontist regarding both control of the primary disease and rehabilitation following surgical treatment. Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Head Neck Cancer Patients is an easy-to-read clinical guide covering the latest multidisciplinary approaches to the treatment of head and neck cancers — from effective surgical management to psychosocial aspects and improved quality of life.
Key Features
  • Discusses rehabilitation of various defects in the head neck region due to surgical resection of tumors with newly available technology.
  • Covers interdisciplinary surgical management, including both prosthetic treatment and psychosocial management related to craniomaxillofacial rehabilitation, with a focus on improving patients’ quality of life.
  • Offers a multidisciplinary approach with valuable contributions from a variety of specialists with experience in head and neck cancer rehabilitation.


1 Introduction to maxillofacial rehabilitation
2 Anatomical considerations in maxillofacial rehabilitation
3 Tumors of Head and Neck region- An overview
4 Surgical Management of head and neck cancer patients
5 Reconstruction of Head and Neck defects
6 Radiotherapy treatment- planning and post treatment care
7 Oral management of patients treated with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy
8 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of maxillectomy defect
9 Rehabilitation of mandibular defects
10 Rehabilitation of soft palate defects
11 Tongue and palatal augmentation prosthesis
12 Ocular prosthesis
13 Orbital prosthesis
14 Facial Prosthesis
15 Tracheoesophageal Prosthesis
16 Rehabilitation of cleft palate defects
17 Color matching and other laboratory considerations
18 Craniofacial prosthesis
19 Role of Speech therapy in rehabilitation of head neck cancer patients
20 Applications of CAD CAM technology in maxillofacial rehabilitation
21 Extrapolation of implants to rehabilitate maxillofacial defects
22 Psychosocial implications in rehabilitation of head neck cancer patients
23 Hard and soft tissue regeneration
24 Applications of various tissue grafts
25 Materials in Maxillofacial Prosthesis