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Reconstruction of the Thumb and Finger

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An in-depth analysis of hand surgery principles from internationally renowned hand surgeons

Hand surgery is a multidisciplinary pursuit that requires exceptional artistry, superb skills, and harmonious teamwork developed over decades of practice. Reconstruction of the Thumb and Finger is a unique resource that follows a Socratic approach to teaching in a world consumed by computers. It reflects 225 years of collective surgical effort by five prominent hand surgeons, who have practiced from the embryonic stages of pedicle flaps and digital transposition to revascularization and free tissue transfers. The differing goals, techniques, expectations, and collaborative approaches advocated by these masters are articulated throughout this exceptional book.

The first chapter provides a comprehensive overview of anatomical and functional eloquence of the hand, including thorough descriptions of the musculoskeletal system, principles of thumb and digit reconstruction, and a detailed classification of defects. Traumatic loss and congenital differences of the thumb and finger are systematically divided into specific levels in 20 chapters. At each interval, various methods of reconstruction are presented with an emphasis on both new and older techniques. Chapter 20 covers elective incisions of the finger, hand, wrist, and forearm.

Key Highlights

  • A comparative digital defect indexing system (DDI) based on the surface involved, the critical zone of injury or loss, and a sum of tissue loss
  • From simple to complex, each case includes the treatment rationale, functional/anatomical loss, reconstruction objectives, multiple treatment options, technical provisos, long-term outcomes, and clinical pearls
  • Older clinical cases with long-term data bridge the gap from older to current microvascular techniques
  • Pertinent anatomy is artfully illustrated by one of the recognized founding fathers of hand surgery, the late J. William Littler, including unpublished drawings and classic illustrations

Reflecting many decades of research and collaboration, this authoritative medical reference is indispensable reading for novice to seasoned hand surgeons and microsurgeons. It also provides a robust teaching tool for medical students and allied health personnel.