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Redox Biology in Plasma Medicine

ISBN: 9781032356921
ISBN: 9781032356921
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Plasma medicine uses non-equilibrium plasmas generated under atmospheric-pressure conditions. Therapeutical plasmas can stimulate tissue regeneration or inactivate cancer cells. This book reviews the interrelation between plasma chemistry and biochemistry complemented by discussion of the ways plasmas inactivate various pathogens. Focus is on the plasma effects on mammalian cells, subsequent consequences for cell-biological processes, and plasma applicability specific medical therapies. Contributions illustrate the ways cold atmospheric-pressure plasma can be used as a controllable source of redox-active species and as a useful tool for research in redox biology.

Key Features

  • Summarizes plasma chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology
  • Documents the ways plasmas interact with lipids, membranes and cells
  • Reviews therapeutic uses of plasmas in medicine
  • Focuses on uses of plasmas as cancer treatment


Chapter 1: Introduction to redox biology in plasma medicine

Thomas von Woedtke, Sander Bekeschus


Part I: Plasma chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology


Chapter 2: Physical plasma as source of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species

Stephan Reuter, Joao Santos Sousa


Chapter 3: Plasma Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions

P. Bruggeman, Yolanda Aranda Gonzalvo


Chapter 4: Plasma Effects on Lipids and Proteins: Insights from Non-reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Maria C. Oliveira, Maksudbek Yusupov, Annemie Bogaerts


Chapter 5: Amino acid, peptide, and protein modifications by plasma driven processes

Katharina Stapelmann, María J. Herrera Quesada, Sander Bekeschus, Kristian Wende


Chapter 6: Hydrogels in plasma medicine

Francesco Tampieri, Albert Espona-Noguera, Inès Hamouda, Cristina Canal


Chapter 7: Cold atmospheric pressure plasma: a novel approach for virus treatment through reactive oxygen and nitrogen species

Pasquale Isabelli, Matteo Gherardi, Romolo Laurita


Part II: Plasma cell biology and medical therapy


Chapter 8: The role of electric fields in plasma treatment of cells

Eric Robert


Chapter 9: Reactive species and redox processes in medical gas plasma-promoted wound healing

Anke Schmidt, Sander Bekeschus


Chapter 10: Plasma-induced immunogenic cancer cell death

Vandana Miller, Sander Bekeschus


Chapter 11: Anticancer vaccination approaches using plasma

Ramona Clemen, Sander Bekeschus


Chapter 12: Plasma cancer treatment in combination with other physical modalities

Audrey Glory, Rodin Chermat


Chapter 13: Oncological application of medically relevant plasma-treated liquids

Hiromasa Tanaka, Shinya Toyokuni, Masaru Hori


Chapter 14: Model systems in plasma biomedicine

Angela Privat-Maldonado, Christophe Deben


Chapter 15: Genotoxicity risk assessment of plasma exposure

Sander Bekeschus, Anke Schmidt