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Renal Disease in Pregnancy


ISBN: 9781107124073

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23-28 ημέρες


With higher risks to mother and baby in pregnant women with renal disease, critical decision-making is key. Giving practical guidance for antenatal, post-partum and maternity unit challenges, this book supports good practice and evidence-based management. The book includes evidence on antenatal and post-partum care; management of acute kidney injury in the delivery suite; and care guidelines for acute, chronic, and previously undiagnosed kidney diseases. The book also covers acute kidney injury, transplant, dialysis, pre-conception counselling, and medications. Previously published by RCOG, this revised edition includes: • Updated expert consensus statements • Complete revision, with a new chapter on contraception • Updates in management of acute kidney injury, hypertension, dialysis and pregnancy, renal transplantation and pre-eclampsia. Structured to help clinicians make decisions, this book is for use by obstetricians, renal physicians, maternal medicine clinicians, midwives, urologists

  • format: Hardback
  • dimensions: 246 x 189 mm


Part I. Physiology:
1. Renal physiology Kate Bramham and Tracy Salter
Part II. Prepregnancy Care:
2. Prepregnancy counselling and risk assessment Matt Hall and Liz Lightstone
3. Contraception Kate Wiles
4. Assisted reproduction in women with renal disease Jason Waugh and Ian Aird
Part III. Antenatal Care:
5. CKD and pregnancy: patterns of care and general principles of management Lucy Mackillop and Mark Brown
6. Midwifery issues Floria Cheng
7. Drugs in women with renal disease and transplant recipients in pregnancy Graham Lipkin and Asif Sarwar
8. Management of hypertension in renal disease in pregnancy Jenny Myers and Graham Lipkin
Part IV. Postpartum:
9. Postpartum follow-up of antenatally identified renal problems Al Ferraro and Liz Lightstone
Part V. Special Conditions:
10. Pregnancy and dialysis Kainat Shahid, Liam Plant and Michele Hladunewich
11. Pregnancy and the renal transplant recipient Nadia Sarween, Martin Drage and Sue Carr
12. Comorbid conditions affecting pregnancy in renal transplant patients Sue Carr and Joyce Popoola
13. Reflux nephropathy in pregnancy Nigel Brunskill
14. Lupus and vasculitis in pregnancy Liz Lightstone
15. Diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy Andrew McCarthy
16. Urological problems in pregnancy Jonathon Olsburgh and Susan Willis
Part VI. Acute Kidney Injury:
17. Acute renal failure in pregnancy: causes not due to pre-eclampsia David Williams
18. Pre-eclampsia related renal impairment Louise Kenny
19. Renal biopsy in pregnancy Nigel Brunskill
Appendix. Consensus statements 2017.