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Rhinology Handbook

Συγγραφείς: Ashutosh Kacker
ISBN: 9789351527756

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Rhinology Handbook is a concise guide to common rhinologic conditions (disorders of the nose) in primary care.

The book is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter covers the anatomy and physiology of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and olfaction, describing gross and endoscopic sinus anatomy. Subsequent chapters cover specific conditions including acute rhinosinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal obstruction, nasal neoplasms and epistaxis (nosebleed). The final chapter covers common nasal and sinus pathologies in children.

Diagnosis, basic and adjunctive examination, medical and antibiotic therapy of acute rhinosinusitis, and timely intervention of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis are discussed in detail. The chapter on nasal neoplasms describes the combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy with specific treatment modalities. The chapter on epistaxis focuses on identification and correction of possible causes of nosebleeds to facilitate their management.

Enhanced by full colour images, illustrations and tables throughout, Rhinology Handbook is an invaluable resource for primary care providers, allowing them to effectively diagnose and treat disorders and refer patients to the appropriate ENT specialist for disorders which require further treatment or potential surgical intervention.

Key Points

  • A concise handbook covering common rhinologic condtions
  • Written by Ashutosh Kacker, Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York
  • Full colour images, illustrations and tables throughout