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Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, 4 Volume Set, 10th Edition

ISBN: 9781119709213

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The latest edition of the world’s leading dermatology textbook

Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, 10th Edition is the most definitive, comprehensive and illustrated reference work in dermatology worldwide. Fully updated by experts from around the world, the book highlights the latest key evidence-based developments in pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. A highly intuitive resource and invaluable clinical companion for both those training and those fully qualified in dermatology, other highlights of Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, 10th Edition include:

1. Comprehensive review of essential basic science, skin biology and pharmacology

2. More than 3000 clinical illustrations

3. Histological images to aid clinicopathological correlation

4. Up-to-date management details for all major dermatological disorders including emerging infections

5. All chapters fully referenced together with highlighted key references

6. Quick reference to essential facts, treatment ladders and management algorithms

7. Chapter dedicated to global skin health and inequalities

8. Description of the spectrum of presentations in dermatoses in skin of colour

9. Thorough review of surgical and aesthetic dermatology

10. On-line videos of practical procedures

Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, 10th Edition is universally recognised as the most complete reference work for dermatologists of all experience levels and dermatology students worldwide.


Part 1: Foundations

1 History of Dermatology
Nick Levell

2 Anatomy and Organization of Human Skin
John McGrath and Jouni Uitto

3 Histopathology of the Skin: General Principles
Eduardo Calonje and B. Boghal

4 Diagnosis of Skin Disease
Ian Coulson, Emma Benton and Steph Ogden

5 Epidemiology of Skin Disease
Hywel Williams

6 Health Economics and Skin Disease
Matthias Augustin

7 Genetics and the Skin
John McGrath

8 Inflammation, Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Martin Steinhoff

9 Photobiology
Antony Young

10 Cutaneous Response to Injury and Wound Healing
Edel O?Toole

11 Psychological and Social Impact of Dermatological Conditions
Christine Bundy and Lis Cordingley

12 Adverse Immunological Reactions to Drugs
Michael Ardern-Jones

13 Foundations of Topical Drug Delivery
Richard Guy

14 Foundations of Clinical Pharmacology
Catherine Smith

Part 2: Management

15 Principles of Holistic Management of Skin Disease
Sam Gibbs

16 Principles of Measurement and Assessment in Dermatology
Andrew Finlay

17 Principles of Evidence-Based Dermatology
Michael Bigby and Hywel Williams

18 Principles of Topical Therapy
John Berth-Jones

19 Principles of Systemic Therapy
Michael Tidman and Catherine Smith

20 Principles of Skin Surgery
Richard Motley, Daniel Siegel, Timothy Wang and Walayat Hussain

21 Principles of Phototherapy
Kevin McKenna and Sally Ibbotson

22 Principles of Photodynamic Therapy
Sally Ibbotson and Kevin McKenna

23 Principles of Cutaneous Laser Therapy
Vishal Madan and Richard J. Barlow

24 Principles of Radiotherapy
Charles Kelly

Part 3: Infections and Infestations

25 Viral Infections
Jane Sterling

26 Bacterial Infections
Rod Hay and Rachael Morris-Jones

27 Mycobacterial Infections
Vicky Yates and Stephen Walker

28 Leprosy
Diana Lockwood

29 Syphilis
George Kinghorn and Rasha Omer

30 Other Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases
George Kinghorn, Aparna Briggs and Nadi Gupta

31 HIV and the Skin
Chris Bunker and Vincent Piguet

32 Fungal Infections
Roderick J. Hay and H. Ruth Ashbee

33 Parasitic Diseases
Stephen Tyring and Christopher Downing

34 Arthropods
Olivier Chosidow and Gentiane Monsel

Part 4: Inflammatory

35 Psoriasis and Related Disorders
David Burden and Brian Kirby

36 Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris
Anthony Chu

37 Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Disorders
Vincent Piguet and L. LeCleach

38 Graft Versus Host Disease
Tanya Basu

39 Eczematous Disorders
John Ingram

40 Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
Sarah Wakelin

41 Atopic Dermatitis
Michael Ardern-Jones, Carsten Flohr, Nick J. Reynolds and Colin A. Holden

42 Urticaria
Sacha Marsland and Clive Grattan

43 Angio-oedema Without Weals
Marcus Maurer and Clive Grattan

44 Urticarial Vasculitis
Elena Borzova and Clive Grattan

45 Autoinflammatory Syndromes Presenting in the Skin
Dan Lipsker and Clive Grattan

46 Mastocytosis
Deepti Radia and Clive Grattan

47 Reactive Inflammatory Erythemas
Malcolm Rustin and Rino Cerio

48 Beh?et Disease
Christos Zouboulis

49 Neutrophilic Dermatoses
Anthony Ormerod and Phil Hampton

50 Immunobullous Diseases
Enno Schmidt and Richard Groves

51 Lupus Erythematosus
Jan Dutz, Collette McCourt and Mark Goodfield

52 Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Mark Goodfield and Shyamal Wahie

53 Dermatomyositis
Patrick Gordon and Daniel Creamer

54 Overlap and Undifferentiated Non-organ Specific Systemic Autoimmune Disease
Mark Goodfield

55 Other Non-organ Specific Autoimmune Disorders
Mark Goodfield

56 Systemic Sclerosis
Cate Orteu and Christopher Denton

57 Morphea and Lichen Sclerosus
Cate Orteu

Part 5: Metabolic and Nutritional

58 Cutaneous Amyloidoses
Stephan Schreml

59 Cutaneous Mucinoses
Franco Rongioletti

60 Cutaneous Porphyrias
Robert Sarkany

61 Calcification of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues
John Bourke

62 Xanthomas and Abnormalities of Lipid Metabolism and Storage
Paul Flynn

63 Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders
Derek Chu, Melinda Jen and Albert Yan

64 Skin Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus
John Bourke

Part 6: Genetics

65 Cornification Disorders
Vinzenz Oji

66 Inherited Acantholytic Disorders
Colin Munro and Mohseh Zamiri

67 Ectodermal Dysplasias
Peter Itin

68 Genetic Defects of Hair and Hair Growth
Eli Sprecher

69 Genetic Defects of Nails and Nail Growth
Amy Paller and Adam Rubin

70 Genetic Disorders of Pigmentation
Alain Ta?eb, Fanny Morice-Picard and Khaled Ezzedine

71 Genetic Blistering Diseases
John McGrath

72 Genetic Disorders of Collagen, Elastin and Matrix
Nigel Burrows

73 Syndromes Affecting Cutaneous Vasculature
Miikka Vikkula

74 Genetic Disorders of Adipose Tissue
George Millington

75 Congenital Naevi and Other Developmental Abnormalities Affecting the Skin
Veronica Kinsler and Neil Sebire

76 Chromosomal Disorders Affecting the Skin: Sex and Autosome
Alan Irvine and Jemima Mellerio

77 Poikiloderma Syndromes
Alan Irvine and Jemima Mellerio

78 DNA Repair Disorders with Skin Involvement
Hiva Fassihi

79 Syndromes with Premature Ageing
Alan Irvine and Jemima Mellerio

80 Hereditary Harmatoneoplastic Syndromes
Alan Irvine and Jemima Mellerio

81 Hereditary Metabolic Disorders
Andrew Morris

82 Inherited Immunodeficiency
Tim Niehues and Andrew Gennery

Part 7: Psychological, Sensory and Neurological

83 Pruritus, Prurigo and Lichen Simplex
Sonja Stander and Malcom Greaves

84 Mucocutaneous Pain Syndromes
Joanna Zakrzewska and Anthony Bewley

85 Neurological Conditions Affecting the Skin
David Eedy

86 Psychodermatology and Psychocutaneous Disease
Anthony Bewley and Ruth Taylor

Part 8: Specific Cutaneous Structure

87 Acquired Disorders of Epidermal Keratinization
Anthony Chu

88 Acquired Pigmentary Disorders
Nanja van Geel and Reinhart Speeckart

89 Acquired Disorders of Hair
David de Berker, Rodney Sinclair, Andrew Messenger and Paul Farrant

90 Acne
Alison Layton and Christos Zouboulis

91 Rosacea
Frank Powell

92 Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Gregor Jemec, Nemesha Desai and Hessel van der Zee

93 Other Acquired Disorders of the Hair Follicle
Gregor Jemec

94 Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Ian Coulson and Niall Wilson

95 Acquired Disorders of the Nail and Paronychium
David de Berker, Robert Baran and Bertrand Richert

96 Acquired Disorders of Dermal Connective Tissue
Nigel Burrows and Chris Lovell

97 Granulomatous Disorders
John Bourke

98 Sarcoidosis
Joaquim Marcoval and Juan Ma??

99 Panniculitis
Amit Garg and Luis Requena

100 Other Acquired Disorders of Subcutaneous Fat
Amit Garg, Luis Requena and Amy Chen

Part 9: Vascular Dermatoses

101 Purpura and Bruising
Tabi Leslie

102 Cutaneous Vasculitis
Nick Levell

103 Dermatoses Resulting from Disorders of the Veins and Arteries
Portia Goldsmith

104 Ulceration Resulting from Disorders of the Veins and Arteries
Juerg Hafner

105 Disorders of the Lymphatic Vessels
Peter Mortimer and Kristiana Gordon

106 Flushing and Blushing
S?ona N? Raghallaigh and Frank C. Powell

Part 10: Specific Sites, Sex, Age

107 Dermatoses of the Scalp
Paul Farrant, Megan Mowbray and Rod Sinclair

108 Dermatoses of the External Ear
Cameron Kennedy

109 Dermatoses of the Eye, Eyelids and Eyebrows
Jonathan Leonard and Valerie Saw

110 Dermatoses of the Lips and Oral Cavity
Crispian Scully and Jane Setterfield

111 Dermatoses of the Male Genitalia
Chris Bunker and William Porter

112 Dermatoses of the Female Genitalia
Fiona Lewis

113 Diseases of the Anus, Perianal Area and Perineum
Eleanor Mallon

114 Cutaneous Complications of Stomas and Fistulas
Calum Lyon

115 Dermatoses of Pregnancy
Samantha Vaughan-Jones

116 Dermatoses of the Neonate
David Paige and Andrew Cant

117 Dermatoses of Infancy
Mary Glover and Elisabeth Higgins

Part 11: External Agents

118 Simple Eruptions Due to Drugs
Michael Ardern-Jones and Haur Yueh Lee

119 Complex Syndromes Due to Drugs
Sarah Walsh, Daniel Creamer and Jean-Claude Roujeau

120 Chemotherapy-Induced Dermatoses
Louise Fearfield and Jana Natkunarajah

121 Dermatoses Induced by Illicit Drugs
Daniel Creamer and Michael Gossop

122 Dermatotoxicology
Rabi Rabindranathnambi

123 Dermatoses Provoked by Physical Forces and Trauma
Saqib Bashir

124 Pressure Injury and Pressure Ulcers
Robyn Evans, Carol Ott and Madhuri Reddy

125 Cold Injury and Diseases of Abnormal Sensitivity to Cold
Saqib Bashir

126 Burns and Heat Injury
Marc Jeschke

127 The Cutaneous Photosensitivity Diseases
Sally Ibbotson and Robert Dawe

128 Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Mark Wilkinson and David Orton

129 Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Jonathan White

130 Occupational Dermatology
Jonathan White

131 Bites and Stings
Stephen Tyring and Christopher Downing

Part 12: Tumours

132 Benign Cutaneous Melanocytic Proliferations and Neoplasms
Irene Stefanaki, Christina Antoniou and Alexander Stratigos

133 Benign Keratinocytic Acanthomas
Vishal Madan and John Lear

134 Cutaneous Cysts
John Lear and Vishal Madan

135 Lymphocytic Infiltrates
Fiona Child and Sean Whittaker

136 Cutaneous Histiocytoses
Thai Hoa Tran, Elena Pope and Sheila Weitzman

137 Soft Tissue Tumours and Tumour-Like Conditions
Eduardo Calonje

138 Tumours of Skin Appendages
Eduardo Calonje

139 Lymphatic Tumours
Ken Tsai

140 Cutaneous Lymphoma and its Precursors
Sean Whittaker and Fiona Child

141 Basal Cell Carcinoma
Vishal Madan and John Lear

142 Squamous Cell Carcinoma and its Precursors
Girish Gupta and John Lear

143 Melanoma
Melanoma Clinicopathology
Jean Jacques Grob and Caroline Gaudy

Melanoma Surgery: Biopsies, Wide Resection and Sentinel Lymph Node Sampling
Kelly Cha, Timothy Johnson and Alison Durham

Systemic Treatment of Melanoma
Reinhard Dummer and Simone Goldinger

144 Dermoscopy of Melanoma and Naevi
Natalia Jaimes and Ashfaq Marghoob

145 Merkel Cell Carcinoma
J?rgen Becker, David Schrama and Axel zur Hausen

146 Skin Cancer in the Immuno-compromised Patient
Charlotte Proby and Catherine Harwood

Part 13: Systemic Disease

147 Cutaneous Markers of Internal Malignancy
Lennart Emtestam and Karin Sartorius

148 The Skin and Disorders of the Haematopoietic and Immune Systems
Robert Gniadecki

149 The Skin and Endocrine Disorders
Ralf Paus

150 The Skin and Cardiac Disorders
Thomas Ruzicka and Sonja Molin

151 The Skin and Respiratory Disorders
Thomas Ruzicka and Sonja Molin

152 The Skin and Gastrointestinal Disorders
Thomas Ruzicka and Sonja Molin

153 The Skin and Renal Disorders
Thomas Ruzicka and Sonja Molin

154 The Skin and Locomotor Disorders
Chris Lovell

Part 14: Aesthetic

155 Skin Ageing
Dana Sachs and John Voorhees

156 Cosmeceuticals
Eubee Koo, Alexandra Kimball and Molly Wanner

157 Soft Tissue Augmentation (Fillers)
Berthold Rzany

158 Aesthetic Uses of Botulinum Toxins
Nicholas Lowe

159 Chemical Peels
Chee-Leok Goh and Joyce Teng Ee Lim

160 Lasers and Energy-Based Devices
Nazanin Saedi and Christopher Zachary