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Rossi’s Principles of Transfusion Medicine, 6th Edition

ISBN: 9781119719755

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Transfusion Medicine impacts patients with hematologic, oncologic, and surgical conditions as well as all areas of critical care medicine and multiple areas of chronic care. This book aims to be the single best source for information related to any aspect or application of Transfusion Medicine.

Contributors for the sixth edition have once again been drawn from various scientific, medical, and surgical disciplines. Thus, this book ranges from encouraging and managing donors, to collecting and preserving the blood, to matching it to the appropriate recipient, all the way to its clinical uses. It also extends these concepts to implantable tissue and regenerative medicine. Other sample topics covered within the work include:

  • Contemporary issues in donation and transfusion: patient blood management, clinical and technical aspects of blood administration, and donor and patient Hemovigilance
  • Blood components and derivatives: red blood cell metabolism, preservation and oxygen delivery, blood groups, and composition of plasma
  • Apheresis, transplantation, and new therapies: hematopoietic growth factors, therapeutic phlebotomy and cellular apheresis, HLA antigens, alleles, and antibodies
  • How Transfusion Medicine has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the role of pathogen reduction and other modern trends

This book serves as a complete and comprehensive resource on Transfusion Medicine for clinicians who prescribe blood, students who expect to enter clinical practice, and for the scientists, physicians, nurses, technologists, and others who assure the quality and availability of blood services.