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Seminars in Forensic Psychiatry 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781911623816
ISBN: 9781911623816
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This updated edition of Seminars in Forensic Psychiatry is an invaluable guide for consultants and specialist trainees working in forensic psychiatry. Written by leading international contributors, topics include models of care, the management of in-patient violence, forensic psychotherapy, and psychological treatments. The evolution of policy and mental health law is discussed, demonstrating how it has shaped the provision of forensic psychiatry services. Legal aspects include considerations of mentalistic defences in criminal law, mental health law, as well as the law on negligence. The book also includes sections on specialist areas of need, including cultural and gender specific needs, terrorism, stalkers, and sex offenders. Woven into the chapters are practical approaches, and ‘how to’ guides. The volume ends with advice for each of the transitions in the career of a forensic psychiatrist. A truly practical guide, this is a must-read for psychiatrists and mental health professionals working within a forensic setting.

  • A comprehensive update on the topic of forensic psychiatry, readers will gain new insight into up-to-date clinical, academic, and management approaches in forensic psychiatry
  • Chapters are written by internationally recognised experts
  • Provides practical approaches for clinicians in the ‘real world’, along with ‘how to’ guides for new consultants and clinical directors


Introduction by editors Mary Davoren and Harry Kennedy
Preface by authors of first edition Derek Chiswick and Rosemary Cope
1. Violence and mental disorder. The evidence Jeremy Coid
2. Violence and mental disorder. Clinical considerations Harry G Kennedy
3. Outcomes from the key inquiries and the evolution of modern forensic psychiatry Kevin Murray
4. Prison psychiatry Ian Cumming
5. Legal issues and expertise in forensic psychiatry Penelope Brown and Richard Latham
6. Expertise, structured professional judgment and risk assessment Mary Davoren and Harry Kennedy
7. Model of care Harry Kennedy
8. Psychopharmacology of chronic aggression and violence in forensic settings Michael A. Cummings, Ai-Li W. Arias, George J. Proctor and Stephen M. Stahl
9. Ward milieu and the Management of in-patient violence, use of seclusion and other restrictive practices Mary Davoren and Mr Peter Turner
10. Community forensic psychiatry including liaison with health, criminal justice and public protection agencies Lindsay Thomson
11. Assessment of personality disorder, psycopathy, and associated offending behaviour Jeremy Coid
12. Stalking and threats to harm and kill Paul Mullen
13. Sexual offending Danny H. Sullivan
14. Terrorism related assessments Paul Gill and Frank Farnham
15. Forensic psychotherapy and psychological therapies in forensic mental health settings Gwen Adshead and John Marshall
16. Forensic aspects of medical negligence Damian Mohan
17. Special populations in forensic mental health settings: child and adolescent forensic mental health services Saima Ali, Enys Delmage, Heidi Hales and Alexi Theodorou
18. Women’s services in forensic psychiatry Vivienne de Vogel
19. Forensic psychiatry and intellectual disability Harm Boer
20. Cultural service delivery in forensic mental health services Brian McKenna and James Cavney
21. Tackling ethnic inequality in forensic mental healthcare Shubulade Smith and Raj Mohan
22. Academic forensic psychiatry Pamela Taylor
23. The no nonsense guides: essential practical approaches for the consultant forensic psychiatrist Mary Davoren, Carolyn Stanley, Sajida Nabi, Katherine Warburton, Treena Wilkie, Kevin Murray and Krishna Pillai.