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Sensation in the Pelvic Region

ISBN: 9783031169663
ISBN: 9783031169663
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This book covers sensation in all major components of the pelvic region. The small pelvis is containing many different structures and viscera, and sensations elicited there are important for regulating a normal daily life and for warning that something is going wrong. The sensory system is driving in many aspects the motor activity, and precedes and guides the efferent functions. It is surprising that in the last 60 years the ratio between research and publications about sensory versus motor has gradually become less. There has been undoubtedly a rise in the number of publications written on pelvic sensation but in the same time the number of manuscripts on motor function have increased more.

It is the hope that this compilation of most data available on sensation will be of interest for the reader, will incite to perform more research so that an important part of pelvic functional diagnosis and treatment modalities will use the whole of the mechanisms available.

The book is intended for all interested in pelvic functions and the interactions between the different structures, specialists in urology, gastroenterology, sexuality, pain, pelvic floor function and dysfunction, paediatricians and geriatricians, neurologists, students and those in training . The reader will find interesting and challenging information, and suggestions for further research.